Susanna Reid says she’d never call the cops if neighbour broke coronavirus rules

Susanna Reid clashed with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain this morning in a debate over reporting neighbours if they broke new coronavirus rules.

The law banning gatherings of more than 6 people came into force on Monday, and police have the power to fine people £100 if they break the rules.

Piers quizzed co-presenters on the hit breakfast show on whether they'd snitch on their neighbours if they broke the new rules – and vowed he'd report people who lived near him if he had to.

But an irate Susanna insisted she would never report her neighbours.

Susanna raged: "Absolutely never, absolutely not in a million years would I."

And other presenters agreed including Laura Tobin and Charlotte Hawkins.

Charlotte said: "The thing is though if everybody did that how many people are going to stretch the rules.

"I wouldn't call the police no."

Laura added: "I would point out to people that they were breaking the rules. I wouldn't call the police but I would say to them please stop doing that."

Dr Hilary Jones said he would try and persuade his neighbours to break up their gathering.

"I would persuade them, I would talk to them," he said.

Piers continued to press the doctor, asking what he would do 'if there were 30 people at their next door neighbours' who were ignoring him.

He said: "There are 30 people next door at your next door neighbours, you've warned them twice and their last words are 'stick it where the sun don't shine pandemic' what do you do?

Hilary replied: "I don't think the police can do anything about that. What are the police going to do? They are just going to increase the exposure by being around there."

While workplaces and schools remain exempt to the law, ministers are pleading with all British people to obey the new rule, which was implemented as a preventative measure following a sharp rise in coronavirus cases.

But the Tories have said yesterday it will take "two or three days" before the police will issue fines.

Boris Johnson’s spokesman said: “If in the coming days people do continue to flout them then you would expect police to issue fines.

“They are ultimately decisions for the police."

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