Strictly's Ranvir Singh reveals 'shady' text she sent Giovanni Pernice after being left red-faced by 'naked' comment

STRICTLY Come Dancing's Ranvir Singh has revealed the "shady" text she sent Giovanni Pernice after being left red-faced by her "naked" comment.

The 43-year-old star was flustered yesterday when her dance partner sent a sweet message of support as she filled in for Lorraine Kelly as host of her ITV morning show.

Good Morning Britain's Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins questioned their co-star on the clip when she appeared via video link ahead of today's Lorraine.

But visibly embarrassed Ranvir brushed off the suggestion that she was romantically interested in Giovanni as she shared the cheeky message she'd privately sent him after the show.

Charlotte kicked off the conversation: "You had a bit of a special message yesterday, but I think it was the choice of outfit that caught your eye, wasn't it?"

Ranvir giggled as she replied: "I don't know what you're talking about, Charlotte – yesterday was another day. Today's a new day!"

She continued: "I noticed he had a lovely kitchen, that's what I noticed.

"I text him: 'You've got a lovely kitchen and you're alright too' and he said: 'Shade' – quite rightly."

Teasing Ranvir, Adil suggestively quipped: "Nice to see you're still keeping in touch outside of the professional world…"

But the star interrupted: "We [she and Adil] keep in touch outside of the professional world, don't we?"

Romance rumours have circled Ranvir and 31-year-old Giovanni throughout their time on Strictly, which came to an end on Saturday.

Yesterday, sparks continued to fly between the two even though they are no longer dancing together.

Ranvir was evidently touched when the hunky dancer sent her his love as she presented Lorraine.

Appearing in what appeared to be a fluffy dressing gown and a baseball cap, the hunk said: "After smashing the dancefloor you're sitting now in the chair presenting one of the biggest shows on TV.

"I'm so proud of you, I'm really, really, really proud of you – you are just incredible.

"Best of luck, I'm sure everything will be fine, we know you can do your job and now you're a dancer."

Blowing a kiss to the camera, Giovanni signed off: "Lots of love, darling."

Looking sheepish, Ranvir giggled: "Oh bless his heart, was it only me who noticed he wasn't wearing anything under that cardi?

"Anyway, never mind. Thank you beautiful Giovanni, what a nice boy he is!"

On Sunday, Ranvir admitted that she had a "connection" with the Strictly hunk as she reflected on their journey together in a sweet Instagram post.

She called him a "beautiful, passionate dancer" – fuelling speculation that there is more to their relationship than meets the eye.

From romantic pet names for each other, secret whispers, and late night texts – fans have picked up on the pair's sizzling chemistry over their weeks on Strictly.

Even head judge Shirley Ballas commented on their "flirting and teasing" during the routines, with one particularly steamy dance leaving some convinced that they'd shared a cheeky snog live on air.

Earlier this month, the show's microphones picked up Giovanni privately whispering "come on, baby" to his partner as they danced together.

And "baby" isn't his only pet name for the Good Morning Britain presenter, also being caught referring to her as "my darling" and calling her a "beautiful princess" on social media.

Both stars were single when they joined the show, with Ranvir even saying she'd be open to the infamous Strictly Curse after splitting from husband Ranjeet.

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