Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers Make The Best Of It In At-Home Segments

The late night comedians are stuck at home like the rest of us, and so are sending out digital messages via social media in an effort to keep their shows alive. It’s a little more than a week after the society shutdown, and the material is getting a little slim in some cases.

Stephen Colbert, who will start producing new remote versions of his The Late Show next week, had a kitchen segment to lead his media moment of the evening.

Samantha Bee continues her reports from the woods behind her home. In tonight’s segment, she steps up in support of the generally low-wage workers being forced onto the front lines in grocery stores, gas stations and other essential services.

Seth Meyers continues his carping about President Donald Trump’s handling of the corona crisis. Spoiler alert: He finds nothing good about it.

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