Stacey Solomon in hysterics as Joe Swash crawls around 'like naked Gollum' in the dark on holiday

STACEY Solomon was in hysterics last night as Joe Swash crawled around on the hills around their holiday home looking like a 'naked Gollum'.

The Loose Women star, who turns 31 today, compared her boyfriend to the creepy character from Lord of the Rings.

Joe has treated Stacey to a weekend break for her birthday, with the family checking in – appropriately enough – to a 'Hobbit house' in a hill.

She looked out of the window last night to see him throwing himself down a slope, giggling: "Oh my God Joe, what is wrong with you? What on earth?"

He and Stacey's son Zachary, 12, were sharing a hot tub outside while her other children Leighton, eight, and Rex, one,were resting inside.

Joe, who played Mickey Miller in EastEnders, then came charging past and leapt back into the bubbling water.

Stacey reassured followers on Instagram after it looked like Joe was jumping around naked in the video, which was taken at 10.52pm.

She wrote: "He actually looks naked… I can't stop laughing he looks like the little naked man from lord of the rings 😂 he has pants on (forgot his trunks AGAIN) but he looks naked 😂."

Yesterday, Joe whisked Stacey away for a special weekend to celebrate her birthday in his beloved camper van.

The former EastEnder gave the £50,000 vehicle, which she has branded a "monstrosity" in the past, a Stacey-style makeover by filling it with flowers.

In a video, she showed her sons Leighton, Zachary and baby Rex piled into the back of the van – plus their pet dog Theo – ready to leave.

Today, Stacey woke up before anyone else in her family to read her birthday messages from her fans on Instagram.

She was then treated to a special birthday breakfast with Joe and her three sons.

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