Squid Game director explains lead character dyes hair red to show inner anger

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The director of gory survival drama Squid Game has revealed why lead character Seong Gi-hun dyed his hair red in the season finale – admitting it was to show his "inner anger".

As the Netflix drama comes to its conclusion, hooked fans have been questioning Gi-hun’s dramatic hair transformation as the show’s main protagonist inexplicably dyes his hair red.

One fan tweeted: "Finished Squid Game. Not sure how I feel about the ending. Also super confused why the main character decided to dye his hair red at the end."

Another wrote: "Okay I finished Squid Game so I'm asking what we all need to know: Why. Did. He. Dye. His. Hair?"

A third added: "Anyways, why did the man in Squid Game have to dye his hair red in the end? That was confusing and a very odd decision."

Writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk, explained in an interview with South Korean publication Zapzee that his new look is a reflection of the character's inner rage.

“I thought about this intuitively,” the director said, “thinking about how Gi-hun should change his hair in a hair salon. I imagined being him and thought to myself, ‘what is the colour that you would never choose to dye your hair?'

"Then I came to the conclusion that Gi-hun would never dye his hair red. It would be the craziest thing for him to do. So I chose the colour and I thought it really showed his inner anger.”

The hugely popular show has fast become one of the most-watched series Netflix, with millions of viewers hooked on the twists and turns of the brutal competition drama.

The gruesome South Korean drama portrays hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children's games for a huge cash prize.

However, once the players enter the gaming compound the deadly high stakes are revealed as players are killed off by the dozen.

Earlier episodes of Squid Game show men and women in numbered green tracksuits compete in childhood games such as Tug of War, only to fall to their deaths if they lose.

The grizzly scenes are often littered with corpses as hundreds of competitors are wiped out in brutal endings.

Squid Game has taken Netflix viewers by storm since it was released on September 17 and continues to dominate Netflix’s Top 10 charts across the world.

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix

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