Selling Sunset: Where is the Selling Sunset office and is it real?

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Selling Sunset is on Netflix now and the series explores the lives of the real estate agents at The Oppenheim Group. The agents work hard to make commissions on some of the most extravagant and luxurious homes in LA, but fans are wondering whether the brokerage is real. has everything you need to know about the Selling Sunset office.

Where is the Selling Sunset office and is it real?

Selling Sunset has built up a huge fanbase since it started airing on Netflix and viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of season four.

The series includes some quirky characters whom all work as real estate agents, selling million-dollar homes to wealthy clients.

Fans love the show for its drama and the way it delves into the personal lives of the agents, including the outspoken Christine Quinn and Davina Potratz.

Season three gave insight into the divorce between Chrishell Stause and her actor husband Justin Hartley, as well as Quinn’s wedding with husband Christian Richard.

Much of the series is filmed at The Oppenheim Group offices, but some fans have questioned whether the offices are real, or whether they are just a set created especially for the show.

The Oppenheim Group is in fact a real brokerage and it has its own website, with detailed profiles for all the agents working there.

As listed on its website, the brokerage’s address is said to be at 8606 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood.

Fans can check Google Maps to locate The Oppenheim Group office, which is situated next to a spa and a sports club.

Some viewers who live in the area have claimed they have never seen the real estate agents from the series enter or leave the office, and they questioned its legitimacy.

But Jason and Brett Oppenheim, who own the brokerage, have previously confirmed all the agents in the Selling Sunset series do work there.

Fans who have researched the office’s location will recognise the Sunset Boulevard strip from many of the scenes in the series.

The Oppenheim Group has included a section on its website about the offices, which says: “Uniquely positioned at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Dr, The Oppenheim Group offices are a classically designed open-space environment built to reflect the brokerage’s 125-year history and engender close interaction and synergy between the agents.

“Authentic pieces from around the world adorn the walls and shelves, including a Parisian clock from the 1830’s, as well as numerous European antique books, ceramic plaques, and South American copper artefacts.”

The aforementioned clock has featured in many scenes from the series, and many fans have fallen in love with the decor. The offices also boast a whisky bar and coffee cart for visitors.

Jason Oppenheim told House Beautiful UK that most of the agents had been working for the firm prior to the release of season one.

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He said: “Any insinuation that the agents on our show are not experienced, successful, or licensed, evidences a complete disregard for the facts.

“Even a superficial investigation would identify previous team photos, hundreds of millions in transacted sales, and more than 50 years of combined licensed real estate experience from these agents.”

This comes after claims that the real estate agents in the series were actors, and not genuine realtors, as some of them do have acting backgrounds – including Stause and Heather Young.

A supposed production co-ordinator for the series took to Reddit to answer fan questions, and they confirmed Mary Fitzgerald was the real estate agent who spent the most time in the office.

They added: “Some women sell and work more than others, I think you can tell who… TBH after the divorce Chrishell has been more focused on real estate and in the office more than ever. Christine never works.”

Some fans who live close to the set have explained how the office is real, but it looks slightly different in real life.

Salamat_engot said: “Being from LA and knowing some reality show people, I honestly that office was just a ‘set’ they rent for filming since that’s super common. But their website shows the same office as in the show, although with much nicer photos and creative angles.”

Goldstiletto added: “I worked down the street on Sunset. It’s the real office but I think it is bigger than it looks. Next door is a cosmetic store with a day spa in the back so the building is deep.”

The agents regularly share photos from inside the office on their Instagram accounts, including Fitzgerald who posted a photo of herself and Jason with dog Niko.

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now

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