‘Saturday Night Live’: Chris Rock Jokes Gameshows Have More Rules Than Running For President

Family Feud, Chris Farley and Donald Trump all featured in Chris Rock’s opening Saturday Night Live monologue as he joked that there are more rules to gameshows than running for President.

Rock kicked off the season opener with a quick Trump gag before pointing to the small audience, made up of mask-wearing first responders.

“Before we even get started, President Donald Trump is in the hospital from COVID and my heart goes out to COVID,” he said. “This is a special show, this is quite different to every other show. Everybody in the audience has been checked. I haven’t had so much stuff up my noise since I shared a dressing room with Chris Farley.”

The Fargo star also took on the topic of nepotism in government as he called for renegotiation with the public’s relationship with government. “Does it work? I think Joe Biden should be the last President ever. We need a whole new system,” he said. “To be President of the United States, all you need to be is 35 and have been born in USA. Anybody can be the President. There should be some rules. There are more rules to gameshows than running for President. Steve Harvey can’t put his family on Family Feud. There’s real scrutiny.”

(Note: Steve Harvey has put his own family on Family Feud)

Rock also took a swipe at Ronda Rousey, said that the government was not making the best decisions for poor people – “That’s like you handsome friend giving you dating advice? That works for you, Idris” and queried why election day was on November 3.

“We got to vote but they don’t want you to vote. Election day is a Tuesday in November? Even Jesus avoids Tuesday. If this show was Tuesday Night Live it would have got cancelled in 1975.”

He closed with a James Baldwin quote and added, “We can lick this if we all work together”.

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