Saturday Kitchen viewers horrified as host adds VERY unusual ingredient to paella dish


SATURDAY kitchen viewers were left horrified this week when host Matthew Tebbutt added a very unusual ingredient to his paella dish.

The host, 47, was joined in the studio by chefs Jason Atherton and Cherish Finden, actress Sarah Hadland while presenter Olly Smith joined them remotely.

Following a segment on Valencia, Matthew decided to cook a very special Valencian paella.

However, while explaining how he would be making the dish, Matthew revealed there was one very unusual ingredient that couldn't be forgotten – British snails.

The host noted that they weren't your average snails either and had been in from Dawlish.

"These are delicious," the host told his guests, before urging viewers: "If you haven't tried them, get hold of some British snails."

But viewers at home weren't impressed with the addition of snails to the recipe, and quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

"Snails and raw beans…sounds absolutely disgusting! I bet the guests are looking for a vomit bag," one person wrote.

"Found a snail in my bathroom yesterday ugh! Nah give it a miss," another viewer chimed.

Another person joked: "'Don’t go foraging in your garden for snails, they’re not all edible.' No danger of me doing that!"

And another viewer asked: "Are roadkill snails on my drive safe to eat?"

Matthew warned viewers that while they can "eat any snail", they need to be careful and should always clean them.

"You put them in a bucket, you feed them, they kind of feed on herbs and stuff like that and the idea being… they take on the taste of that herb," he explained.

However, the host later backtracked and told viewers: "I've just been told you can't eat all snails so dont go foraging in your garden for snails, they're not all edible!"

Thankfully, Matthews guests couldn't get enough of the snails, with Cherish Finden exclaiming: "I like them, they're earthy."

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