Samuel L. Jackson Wants You to 'Stay the F— at Home' (Video)

“The Rona is spreading. That s–t is no joke,” Jackson reads from a new poem by the author of “Go the F— to Sleep”

Samuel L. Jackson paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel via video call on Tuesday night, and he came prepared to do a live reading of a brand new poem about social distancing in the time of the coronavirus. It’s called “Stay the F–k at Home.”

“The ‘rona is spreading. That s—t is no joke,” Jackson read. “It’s no time to work or roam. The way you can fight it is simple my friends, just stay the f—k at home.”

The new bedtime poem is by Adam Mansbach, the author of “Go the F–k to Sleep,” the 2011 children’s book made famous by Jackson’s narration.

The “Pulp Fiction” star continued on to read the rest of the poem, which, as per its predecessor, uses very colorful language.

“Now technically I’m not a doctor, but motherf—kers listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam f—in Jackson, imploring you, keep your ass at home,” he continued. “If you want things to get back to normal, don’t panic, just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face, and stay the f—k at home. Motherf—-er, it’s no time to gamble. Look around you’re not at a casino. Just stay the f–k at home as if your name was Trenton Quarantino. Sure you can still see your friends. Use the motherf—in’ app on your phone. But unless you just ran out of groceries, please, just stay the f—k at home. Thank you for doing your part to flatten the curve because that shit is steep. And now that you’re home, please, feel free to go the f–k to sleep. The end.”

Not quite the G-rated storytimes that stars like Amy Adams and Josh Gad have been having during the pandemic!

Watch the video above.

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From Snoop Dogg to Dawn Wells, you have friends in high places to commemorate the marijuana enthusiast’s special month of 4/20

Hollywood stars don’t shy away from being 420-friendly. Here are the biggest names in entertainment who like to roll up a blunt or hit a bong — no matter what the date is.

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