Ryan discovers Jodie and Max's secret connection in Casualty – and exposes them?

When new Casualty nurse Jodie Whyte (Anna Chell) was a little girl she used to have nightmares that there was a monster under her bed. When she saw a patient being brought into the ED at the beginning of Saturday (May 6)’s episode, ‘I thought it was my monster coming to get me,’ she told bomb disposal expert Jed Sharp (Ciaran Kellgren).

The ‘monster’ was a mud-larker who’d been collecting things from some mud flats, but when he arrived at the hospital covered head to toe in mud the staff found he had multiple injuries – and a bag full of unexploded bombs.

As Ryan (Eddie-Joe Robinson) moved the man’s bag a grenade rolled across the floor, and soon Dylan (William Beck) realised that there were more bombs.

The ED was evacuated, with patients being moved to makeshift treatment areas in the car park. Meanwhile with their patient deteriorating quickly Dylan, Donna (Jaye Jacobs), Jodie and Ryan had no option but to stay where they were.

When Max (Nigel Harman) heard what was happening his first thought was for Jodie who, as viewers know, is his daughter. We’ve previously seen that neither of them was happy to be both working in the same place and their relationship is strained, to say the least, but it was clear from Max’s reaction that he cares about Jodie very much.

They talked about their parents and the songs they would sing when they were scared as children (Jodie’s was Shine by Take That) as phosphorous vapour started leaking from the bottle. Jed said they would have to move together towards the water to put the bomb in it. As they started to move he softly sang Shine to keep her calm.

People outside heard a huge explosion, and then Jed ran out screaming and with his clothes on fire. Jodie soon followed, coughing and gasping for air.

Later, Max came to see Jodie as she slept in a chair next to the unconscious Jed.

He was furious that Ryan had given the bomb to Jodie and made sure Ryan knew how angry he was. Ryan struggled to deal with the thought that he hadn’t been brave, though when Jodie appeared she told Rida (Sarah Seggari) and Cam (Barney Walsh) that Ryan had been ‘amazing.’ They told her that Max had had a go at Ryan, to which she replied, ‘Max can screw himself.’

When Max asked Jodie if he could have a word, she told him that Ryan didn’t deserve being given grief and she warned him not to cross the line.

‘I just want to know how you are,’ he said.

‘We agreed to keep this professional. I told you I don’t want anyone knowing about us,’ she warned him – unaware that Ryan was listening.

Whether he thinks Max and Jodie are related or in a relationship, he now knows that there’s some kind of bond between them. We also know that Ryan can be unscrupulous when it comes to putting his career first, as we saw when he took the credit for a diagnosis that had actually been made by his colleague Cam.

So what will he do with this information?

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