RuPaul's Drag Race season 12 queens ranked from meh to yaaas after Gay's Anatomy

The annual RuPaul’s Drag Race acting challenge was finally upon us this week, and our season 12 queens had to whip out their stethoscopes for an episode of parody series, Gay’s Anatomy.

Acting challenges on this show can be a hot mess sometimes – especially if the script is bad and the cast is awful… but not only was this a good challenge, nearly everyone delivered.

Which is what makes the episode so heartbreaking to watch, as the eventual eliminated queen (spoilers below) definitely had a lot more to give, but just didn’t have their head in the game enough to rise above the others.

So who flatlined and who injected some life into world of Lady Bunny Memorial Hospital?

Here’s our latest rankings for the queens after the latest episode.

Due to events after the episode was filmed, Sherry Pie will not be in our rankings.

Jackie Cox 

This week was very much Jackie’s week – from landing the leading part of Meredith Gay, and delivering with her role, it was also her out-of-drag that carried the episode.

Jackie’s confessionals have been getting stronger week-on-week, and she’s definitely becoming a much-needed friend to a lot of the queens in the werk room.

Admitting her struggles with her mum broke our hearts seeing as she is so fierce, but to push forward after such a heavy conversation to deliver on the runway proves she is a professional through and through.

This queen earned the top spot this week, even if she was pipped to the post for the win.

Gigi Goode 

Gigi Goode is really one of those annoying people that you can struggle to find a fault with, but you can’t hate them for it because they’re actually nice people.

After this week’s performance in the acting challenge, Gigi is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the competition, as there hasn’t been an episode yet where she hasn’t risen above and beyond what the others expected of her. 

The queens are definitely seeing her as a threat now. Let the games begin.

Aidan Zhane 

The queens should probably do good to pay more attention to the quiet flower that is Aidan Zhane.

She might not be as polished as the rest of her competitors, and someone needs to take that Sally Bowles wig off her right this second before she uses it again, but by God is she a fighter.

Aidan is also not dumb, and can clearly tell the others are dismissing her due to her lack of experience, and is beginning to use that to her advantage – as being underestimated in a competition is so much better than being overestimated.

Though we noticed that wig slip during the challenge revealing her boy hair. And we do not abide. 

She needs to be careful to keep up her pace and not slack like she did last week, but overall Gay’s Anatomy proved Aidan had a right to be there and had a vision for her drag.


Brita is clearly a queen who thought she had the crown in the bag before even setting foot in the werk room.. only to get a harsh wake-up call when she got there.

Her lack of winning is clearly beginning to get to her, and she seems to be taking it out on Aidan, who she doesn’t see in the same league as her.

Repeatedly calling Aidan the ‘weak link’ is not cute, and it ultimately is beginning to cost her as she was overshadowed by her in their scene together on Gay’s Anatomy… and Aidan was playing dead for some of it.

Brita, you’re not in New York anymore girl, and it’s time to step your p***y up.

That aside, this queen really has something, and she did well as Dr Sandra Oh-kurrrr in the challenge and brought the laughs.

Plus that Little Red Riding Hood by way of an S&M club look on the runway was absolutely stuuuuuning. 

Brita deserved to be up there with the safe queens, not on the lowest half of the judges’ deliberations.

Heidi N Closet

Has there ever been a queen that is just true, pure, joy the way Heidi is? Her confessionals leave us beaming every time.

She was ridiculously over-the-top in Gay’s Anatomy in the best way possible, and made a role where she could’ve easily disappeared into nothingness something we actually remembered.

But we didn’t love the runway and, keeping with a worryingly running theme with Heidi, her wig let her down again.

Carlson hit the nail on the head during deliberations, where he said: ‘She’s not fully realised but she’s so likeable, you just want to root for her.’

Despite these kinks, we’re going to say it: Heidi did not deserve that spot in the bottom two.

Crystal Methyd 

Any opportunity for Crystal to get her goofy on is much appreciated – and she certainly got that in Gay’s Anatomy as the forked human centipede with Heidi N Closet.

Normani was right, they really did work well together and it’s something we hope to see more of.

We’re glad she’s taken Michelle’s advice and toned down the make-up a bit as she looked stunning tonight and, more importantly, still very much Crystal.

She could well be on her way to being this season’s queen that gets stronger week-on-week and surprises everyone by sticking it to the end.

Also: we’re really enjoying all these El DeBarge, Rhythm of the Night music breaks… long may they continue. 

Widow Von’Du 

It’s not cute that the seasoned queens are getting so bent out of shape about things not going their way, and Widow was the biggest culprit of this in episode five by throwing a royal strop for not getting the role she wanted. 

Side eyes and eye rolls were a-plenty as Sherry took the part Widow felt was rightfully hers, without any grounds for that argument other than ‘but i want it’.

Can’t deny though, she killed it in the challenge as the mother-with-a-secret, once she finally put her mind to it, and her nipple tassel runway look was a fun addition to the mix.

She also had a big emotional moment on tonight’s episode, and we’re hoping now Widow’s letting down her barriers in that way, it’ll cause her to soften around the other queens and maybe play a bit nicer.


We honestly would’ve ranked Jan higher if we could have, but for whatever reason she just wasn’t in this episode that much.

Jan clearly has so much to give but she was overshadowed in today’s episode, and playing the same role as Jackie put her in direct competition. Jackie outshined her.

With no confessionals, and just OK runway look, we’re happy she’s safe, but she needs to start fighting for the cameras’ attention.

Because at this rate she’s disappearing.

Jaida Essence Hall 

What we said about Jan, can also be said about Jaida.

We know that she’s got the talent to be someone to keep an eye on and she’s proven it before, like in World’s Worst where she was the best moment of the incredibly awkward fruit and veg sketch.

But as Rhonda Shimes, she disappeared, struggled with her lines before being almost completely edited out the parody. At least Jan got some lines in, even if they were screams.

She brought it in the end with that runway look, but with such a strong week it was difficult to place her anywhere else.

Nicky Doll

Ah, Nicky. We so wish the judges saw the sassy person the audience sees in the confessionals, and what the queens see in the werk room… but for some reason it just couldn’t move over to the challenges.

She did give it her all as Widow’s baby in the scenes, but when it came to improv and thinking on her feet, you could almost see the panic in Nicky’s eyes as she scrambled for something to say.

We’d blame it on the language barrier, but even when being given the opportunity to just speak french, she still couldn’t come up with the goods. 

Her runway was absolutely beautiful, even if not quite up to the cape category the way others had, but we knew her fate was sealed when Heidi was pinned against her.

Nicky is fierce though, and we reckon with a little extra time, she’ll be a shoe-in for All Stars.

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues Fridays on VH1 in the US and Saturdays on Netflix in the UK.

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