Romesh Ranganathan gushes over working with ‘best friend’ on latest project

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Romesh Ranganathan is thrilled to be working alongside one of his closest friends to narrate Takeshi’s Castle which is returning to screens.

The legendary 1980’s game show set in Japan has been revived and is landing on Prime Video later this month.

Actor and comedians Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis have teamed up to commentate on the show for English-speaking listeners and are both superfans of the original series.

The pair, who host the Wolf and Owl podcast together and have starred alongside each other in the BBC sitcom King Gary, opened up to about joining forces for their latest project.

When asked why he enjoys working with Tom so much, Romesh shared: “In all seriousness, I can give you an answer that actually has some sort of information…

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“He’s one of my very best friends in the world!”

When asked if they’d do another series of Takeshi’s Castle together, they said they would jump at the chance.

Tom quipped: “There was a moment when you’re watching someone fall headfirst into a disgusting pond, and you look at a man sitting next to you and think you know what relationships and friendships are made of.

“You might not be able to tell when you watch it, but we are in each other’s arms the entire duration as we are narrating.”

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Tom, 44, continued to gush about working with Romesh but in a more sincere tone.

The Murder In Successville star shared: “It’s a joy. It’s love. I’m very lucky in my career. There are people I respect and adore but Romesh is just someone I just find hilarious.

“And it doesn’t feel like work really – just this is a joy. And this show sort of encapsulates that better than some.”

He continued: “We were allowed just to be ourselves and sort of bring our own sort of feel to it.”

A synopsis for the Takeshi’s Castle reboot reads: “Recapturing the essence of ‘90s mayhem, viewers will watch as over 100 contestants – the attacking army – attempt to storm the impenetrable Castle, fighting off all manner of guards, devils, and giant foam mushrooms along the way.

“Only the bravest and luckiest will make it through to take on Takeshi himself, and potentially bank 1 million yen.”

Will anyone be able to win the insanely challenging series this year or is it just as tough as the original series?

Takeshi’s Castle lands on Prime Video on August 30.

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