‘Riverdale’ is Coming Back for Season 7 and We Can't Wait to Watch

Riverdale might have turned into Rivervale during its new season 6 opener, but that doesn’t mean fans are saying goodbye to the show just yet. Things are still getting messy, and obviously we’ll be tuning in to find out what happens next. But will everyone stay in Riverdale another year or will some of our faves move out for good?

Here’s everything we know about Riverdale season 7.

Is Riverdale season 7 actually happening?

The CW is back with another round of renewals and on the top of the list is Riverdale. The series will officially be back for season 7, however, it hasn’t been confirmed if this will be the final one or not. Back during season 4, KJ Apa revealed that the main four leads of the show have signed on for “the next three years,” which means their contracts will end with season 7. That meant The CW was easily able to renew the show for another year, but it could but its last.

When will we find out when Riverdale will return?

Considering the fact that Riverdale season 6 is still airing, it’s going to take a bit longer until we see a season 7 premiere. However, since production has returned to normal after multiple pauses due to COVID, there’s a chance we might see it back in November.

What will the new season be about?

As with most things that happen on Riverdale, we don’t know what to expect. But as history has shown, whatever writers have up their sleeves will certainly keep us on the edge of our seats!

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