Race Across The World winners reveal incredible plan for £20,000 prize money

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from the final episode of Race Across The World.

After twenty-five thousand kilometres, two continents and seventeen countries, three pairs battled it out in one of the most intense television finals ever as Emon and Jamiul, Rob and Jen, and Dom and Lizzie raced to Ushuaia to win the coveted £20,000.

There was just 20 seconds between the two final couples as they rushed to the final checkpoint but it was uncle and nephew Emon and Jamiul who won the huge jackpot.

The pair started off pretty much as strangers as Emon had left the family over 10 years ago. Emon eventually opened up to Jamiul that he refused to settle into an arranged marriage so he could follow his own path.

As the relatives began to bond, they made progress in the race, managing to come in first place at several checkpoints as well as enjoying the experience along the way.

Throughout the series, viewers saw Emon and Jamiul struck by the extreme poverty they witnessed along their journey and it was for this reason they decided to donate half of their winnings to help children in South America.


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They were so affected by a group of children sleeping rough in Brazil they explained they would donate £10,000 of their winning to South American charities.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Emon explained it was something they decided on during their time travelling.

“We said, you know, if we were to win, we would give half the money back to kids,” he commented.

“I think the experience itself, you can’t put a price on what we did. I mean, it wasn’t all about the money, it was more about the experience and helping the people that helped us on the way.

“You know, the money can go such a long way to help so many lives and people in Brazil, it’s untrue.

“I mean, if we were to bring the money back here, yeah, we’ll buy a nice car or go on a holiday, just materialistic things.

“But you know, if you can save lives with it, which it can do, and it will do, I’m hoping it does, especially kids, give them all the opportunity in life, that’s what it’s all about really – the bigger picture.”

The pair are closer than ever with Jamiul revealing they are “essentially on the phone all the time together”.

“We meet up a lot more often and Emon comes over a lot more and he’s really integrated back into the family,” he remarked.

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Growing closer was “the key thing I really wanted to get out of it,” Jamiul explained.

For Emon, he added it’s “good to be back into the family fold as well because I was absent for so long”. He continued: “It made me realise I’ve missed so much of the family life. You realise how much it all means to you.”

Now they’re back from their travels, the pair have more big adventures planned once the coronavirus pandemic ends.

Jamiul revealed they’re already busy planning how they can use their winnings to help more people.

“We also want to go to Bangladesh, my uncle’s dad owns an orphanage over there, and we want to go there and help the kids over there as well, give our own input,” he explained.


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Emon added: “The way you travel as well, the race allowed us to go to these countries on a budget, you don’t need five star hotels, you don’t need the luxury. You can just stay in hostels.

“So I think even if I was going with my missus for like a normal holiday, I’d always opt for not a budget holiday but more of a cultural experience.”

Looking back on their experience and their win, the pair explained they felt it “ was written out for them”.

“I think everything happens for a reason and the way it happened was almost fate, it was written. Everything happened the way it was meant to happen,” Jamiul said.

Emon added everything “just fitted in”, revealing they even arrived in Ushuaia on his birthday: “That was incredible as well. It was sort of written for us.”

Race Across the World: Revealed reunion special airs Sunday 3rd May, 8pm on BBC Two.

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