Piers Morgan slammed during blistering attack by trans activist on live TV

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Piers Morgan had to abruptly call time on his TV interview with a trans activist who shouted X-rated expletives at him live on air including calling him a "c**t".

The presenter invited 'Jame' onto his TalkTV show yesterday (May 16) after protesters from Manchester Trans Rise Up dressed in balaclavas and black outfits to surround suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst's statue.

Piers called on Jame – who refused to be identified – to have a "proper debate" about trans rights with him.

A masked Jame said at the start of the interview. "Hey Piers, it's good to hear your voice, you know.".

Piers then told him: "I have always supported trans rights to fairness and equality and I mean that sincerely."

Jame, who donned a black mask and sunglasses, then fired back: "That's bull**** bro."

Piers responded by saying calmly: "You can say bull**** bro and you're entitled to. It's an uncensored show and you've just proven it."

Jame then sarcastically said: "Wasn't your profile picture a f***ing picture of a penguin?", to which Piers responded: "There's no point swearing. I apologise to our viewers for your bad language."

He went on to explain: "This is a chance for you to present yourself in a way that we can have a proper debate. If you've got no interest in doing that, that's fine, but I'm just going to say to you I've always supported trans rights to fairness and equality.

"My issue with how this trans debate is going is in issues like sport where I think it's very unfair that trans women should be competing against women with female biological bodies."

Jame then raged: "Piers, Piers, shut up bro. What are all these dog whistles and talking points."

Piers continued to argue, saying: "You can't just call everyone who disagrees with you transphobic," and warned: "If you keep swearing I'll have to cut you off."

"I'm trying to give you a chance. What is your problem with my position?"

But Jame could not answer Piers's question and said "I don't really know".

She added before her video ink went black: "I'm going to leave the interview now. I only came on here because I thought it would be kind of funny, but I want to say you're a c*** and a…"

Piers then apologised to viewers, saying: "I apologise to all viewers who were listening to that, unfortunately, a complete idiot, which is what we saw from the video.

"We hoped we could have a reasonable conversation, that's unfortunately what we saw in the video – a very unpleasant piece of work.

"They think it's fine to come on a show like this and pretend to debate and then engage in just abusive language, that's fine."

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