Piers Morgan says he 'refuses to be bullied' as he slams 'screaming purple-haired vegans'

PIERS Morgan said he refuses to be bullied into changing his direct manner and slams "purple-haired vegans" on Harry Redknapp's new podcast.

The Good Morning Britain star is the first guest on The Harry Redknapp Show and is in typically straight-talking form.

When asked by the show's co-host Dodge Woodall why he decided to put pen to paper and write his book Wake Up, Piers revealed he had a very specific target in his sights.

He explained: “I just got a feeling that the world was going a bit nuts, with the woke crowd telling us all how to live our lives.

"I want people to get on with their live their lives, without screaming, purple haired, vegans telling us all what to do."

Despite his choice words for vegans – and with many taking up Veganuary this month – Piers insisted he doesn't set out to offend.

And those hoping he'll ditch his direct and challenging questioning style anytime soon will be bitterly disappointed.

“I refuse to allow myself to be bullied into speaking a certain way," he said.

"I don’t want to offend people, I don’t want to belittle people needlessly but I do want to have fun.

"I use the yardstick that if you can go to any seaside resort in this country, and you can find the saucy postcards funny then that’s great. If you don’t find them funny then you need to get a life. That’s the litmus test for me."

Other guests Harry and Dodge have interviewed for the series include Sir Rod Stewart, Frank Lampard, Romesh Ranganathan and Mo Gilligan.

Harry said: "I'm delighted to team up with Dodge to launch my first ever podcast.

"It's a real honour to chat to some amazing people from the world of sport and entertainment. Listeners will be in for a real treat and a right laugh with the line-up so make sure you tune in."

Dodge, who is the founder of the Bournemouth 7s Festival and host of the Eventful Entrepreneur podcast, said: "It’s been an absolute joy and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

"There’s not a better person to do a podcast with than Harry Redknapp, one of life’s gentlemen. We’ve had a great time recording the podcast episodes listening to the most incredible football stories, along with a ton of hilarious stories and laughter.”

The Harry Redknapp Show podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Global Player and Amazon Prime from Tuesday 12th January 2021.

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