Piers Morgan rips into ‘disintegrating’ lockdown as Boris Johnson returns as PM

The presenter has been outspoken about the necessity of lockdown measures in recent weeks.  Piers opened the morning news show on ITV by telling host Susanna Reid that he thinks the lockdown is falling apart.

He said: “Strange weekend- I went out a couple of times, Kensingston High Street absolutely rammed, cars everywhere, Holland Park was packed.

“The lockdown has unlocked, people have decided they’re just not going to do it and this is why I’m thrilled Boris Johnson is back at work.”

The Prime Minister is due to return after having three weeks off due to a battle with COVID-19.

But Piers was not full of praise about Mr Johnson’s return: “There’s a very good argument that with his lax activity before he got sick got us into this position.

“So forgive me if I just take a bit of a beat before I’m joining in the euphoria – I’m not euphoric about the way this lockdown is disintegrating.

“We’re in this ridiculous limbo where we’re not really sure what to do and there is a lack of leadership.”

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The host of Good Morning Britain has been in the spotlight for his outspoken views on the pandemic response.

US President Donald Trump has been a target of the presenter for his recent comments about disinfectant.

Morgan wrote for his column in the Daily Mail: “By far the most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his b* crazy theories about how to beat the virus.

“It’s hard to imagine a more stupid thing for a President to say than publicly float a completely unsubstantiated ‘idea’ like that which will inevitably make some Americans believe having bleach inside them will cure the virus.”

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Piers Morgan has also apologised to Ofcom after asking his fans to bombard the TV watchdog to support his “grilling” of Care Minister Helen Whately.

Mr Morgan tweeted: “Apparently nearly 2,000 people have now complained to Ofcom about me grilling Care minister Helen Whately too ‘unfairly’ when she couldn’t answer even basic questions.

“If you think I should continue grilling ministers in the way I’ve been doing, please tell Ofcom.


Lockdown measures were originally introduced on March 23 by Boris Johnson to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has since extended the lockdown to May 7.

Mr Raab told Sky News: “If you look at the public mood, it is overwhelmingly that they are concerned that we might ease up too soon.

“If we started proposing one or other measure that subsequently, down the track, we found out we couldn’t implement you would be saying that we had jumped the gun.

“You would be criticising us for that and the public would be getting mixed messaging.”

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