Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland merge in first trailer for Angelina Jolie's dark new fantasy film Come Away

THE WORLDS of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland magically merge in the first trailer for Angelina Jolie's dark new fantasy film Come Away.

The actress stars alongside British actor David Oyelowo in the new offering which sees her play the mother of two lively children called Peter (Jordan A Nash) and Alice (Keir Chansa).

The mystical trailer kicks off with Rose telling Alice: "Every child has a fairy born just for them," before adding, "Tinker's Bell was born for you," as she rings a tiny bell.

But Alice is completely dismissive of her statement and replies: "It's just a bell."

While Jack describes how Alice 'is in a hurry to grow up'.

Meanwhile Peter is said to want to 'explore new lands' and is seen playing an adventure game while Alice has a tea party with a stuffed rabbit.

After they come inside, Rose jokes: "Who are these dirty vagabonds and what have they done with my children?"

But the happy smiles soon disappear when tragedy strikes the family and Peter and Alice travel to London in an attempt to save the day and sell a treasured heirloom.

On their travels they meet the sinister pawnshop owner known as Captain (David Gyasi), the Red Queen (Anna Chancellor) and the Mad Hatter (Clarke Peters.

The fast-paced trailer also sees Alice attempt to seek refuge in a enchanting rabbit hole, while Peter heads off into a magical realm as leader of the 'Lost Boys'.

Come Away is directed by Brenda Chapman (Brave, The Prince of Egypt) and is released November 13.

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