'OutDaughtered': Fans Think Parker Kate Busby, the Shyest of the Busby Quints, Is Destined to Be a Model

There are plenty of famous families featured on TLC, but the Busbys from OutDaughtered are one of the most wholesome. We’ve been following Danielle and Adam Busby for years, as they’re the parents of the only set of all-female quintuplets in the U.S. And it’s hard to believe the famous Busby quints are now 5 years old.

Each of the quintuplets is growing up to have their own unique personality, and it’s becoming easier to distinguish one from the other as they age. And Parker Kate Busby is known for being the shyest and most anxious of the bunch. After Danielle posted a photo session with the quints, though, fans are changing their tune about Parker — and it seems many think she’s destined to be a model when she’s older.

Parker Kate Busby is known for being the most anxious of the Busby quints

Fans love how different the quints are, but Parker Kate’s anxiety has become a major storyline on OutDaughtered. From crying after being in the spotlight to not wanting to try new activities with her sisters, Danielle and Adam have noted how concerned they are that Parker will miss out on vital opportunities because of her mental state. And they’ve also expressed their concerns that their daughter will lag behind in school due to her anxiety.

Danielle and Adam have been proactive in helping Parker, though. They had Parker get evaluated by an occupational therapist — and the professional also noticed some patterns with the child. “When I would ask her questions, she really wouldn’t respond. She would look towards her parents,” the OT noted in a clip from the show.

Parker’s anxiety has been a source of conflict between Adam and Danielle, too. While Adam wants to push Parker to get outside of her comfort zone, Danielle doesn’t know if this is the best approach. And they’ve discussed their different parenting style on the show, too.

She might be less camera-shy now than she used to be

Danielle and Adam aren’t sure if Parker will eventually grow out of her shyness. But it appears she might be getting more used to the cameras now that she’s a bit older. Back in December 2019, the Busbys appeared on Good Morning America. And Adam posted his family’s preparations, which included an inside look into how Parker was doing.

While Parker may not love the attention that the TLC cameras give her, she seemed to love being the one behind the scenes. A woman on the set of GMA gave Parker a camera to hold — and the little girl loved following her parents and sisters around to record them. Not only did Parker adore being the one behind the scenes, but she seemed happier and more confident than usual.

Fans noticed the difference in Parker’s demeanor, too.

“Parker taking the camera says so much. Give that girl a camera all the time. She looked so happy!!!” one follower commented on the video.

Fans think she’s going to grow up to be a model

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🦋HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY 🦋to my miracle babies. You all make me smile, laugh, cry and loose my mind all in one day 🤪 I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU TREMENDOUSLY and I am so BLESSED to be called your Mommy / Mama / Mom. Ava – I love how lazy and goofy you have always been. Olivia – I love how you are on a mission everyday to make whoever is around you laugh. Hazel – I love that you are so loving and how you love to repeat everything like Yeah Yeah from Sandlot. Riley – I love that you are so strong willed and the older you get, the more & more I feel like you are more like me. Parker Kate – I love that you have the best smile ever and that you think you are the “big sister” when you are actually my baby baby. LOVE YOU MOST my baby girls 😘 #happybirthday #itsabuzzworld #busbyquints #busby #graesonbeeboutique #buzzworldshop #outdaughtered

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While fans think Parker should be given more opportunities to be behind the camera, it seems she might also be leaving her anxieties behind when photos are taken. On April 8, Danielle posted a loving tribute to the quints and their different personalities, as they just turned 5. And she included individual photos of each child in the post. Fans seemed to notice that Parker’s portrait looked extremely professional — and they even suggested that modeling may be in the child’s future.

“Parker Kate for the glamour shot! Go PK!” one follower commented.

“Parker is model status!! Love watching these girls grow up!” another wrote.

“Parker looks like a model,” yet another added.

No matter what career path Parker chooses to go down, we’re happy the child seems to be coming out of her shell. And we can’t wait to see what the Busbys are up to next!

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