Ollie left in deadly danger as his Victor plan goes awry in Hollyoaks

Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clark) finds himself in deadly danger in Hollyoaks, as he attempts to gain Victor Brothers’ (Benjamin O’Mahony) trust.

Ollie has been on a downward spiral in recent months, as he’s become more reliant on drugs.

The young lad has been under a lot of pressure as of late, and he’s struggled to cope with his addiction.

Recent weeks have seen him resort to whatever means necessary in order to get his hands on some ketamine.

Next week, vulnerable Ollie finds himself in the company of drugs boss Victor, and it’s safe to say he is playing with fire.

As the week progresses, he does what he can to gain Victor’s trust.

However, it all goes horribly wrong, as his addiction gets the better of him.

Will Ollie be okay?

What’s more, what is it that he’s trying to do with Victor? Is he perhaps seeking to gain his trust so that he can buy drugs off him?

Or is there another reason?

Either way, will Ollie survive?

One to watch: Monday March 8 at 7pm on E4.

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