Nigella Lawson apologises for licking fingers on Saturday Kitchen

Nigella Lawson has apologised after being spotted licking her fingers during an appearance on BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen before serving a cake to others.

During Saturday’s episode of Saturday Kitchen, Nigella joined presenter Matt Tebbutt and chef Bryn William in the kitchen as the trio whipped up a variety of appetising, autumnal meals, including a beetroot tarte tatin and pollock with potted shrimp butter.

Near the end of the programme, it was Nigella’s turn to show off her culinary prowess, demonstrating how to prepare a simple marzipan loaf cake.

After preparing the ingredients for the cake, the food writer could be seen wiping off excess cake batter from the edge of the tin with her finger, before placing her finger in her mouth.

Then, after putting the cake in the oven, she licked her fingers again.

Presenter Matt made a point of mentioning the fact that Nigella had licked her fingers, telling her that there was a tap behind her if she needed it, to which she replied: ‘I didn’t mean to do that, it’s just because I didn’t have a cloth on me.’

Nigella then served a pre-prepared cake to Matt and Bryn, prompting several Twitter users to point out that she hadn’t washed her hands before doing so, a significant fact given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Following the show, Nigella shared a tweet thanking Saturday Kitchen for having her, while also apologising for her gaffe.

‘Thank you @matt_tebbutt @Brynwchef @jollyolly and everyone at @SaturdayKitchen for such a great time,’ the 60-year-old said.

‘In fact, I felt so at home, I completely forgot myself and licked my fingers. No excuse though: it was hideously wrong of me.’

Nigella added that she is ‘so Covid obsessive’, which is why she feels ‘appalled’ by the mistake.

‘Sorry,’ she added at the end of the tweet.

Several people shared supportive messages for Nigella, stating that it was simply an unintentional mistake.

‘Don’t be sorry about it! It happens, especially when you’re doing the thing you love,’ one person said.

‘Chefs may not lick their fingers, the spoon or the bowl, but the best home cooks do! You were simply in the moment,’ another added.

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