Maya Rudolph Just Gave Her Best Kamala Harris Performance Yet on ‘SNL’

The vice presidential debate this past Wednesday definitely seemed a lot more like a debate than whatever happened on September 29 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. If you don’t count that surprise cameo from the now Twitter-famous fly, Kamala Harris clearly stole the show with her classic facial expressions and retorts every time Vice President Mike Pence dared to interrupt her.

I don’t know about you, but I was already looking forward to whatever Maya Rudolph was going to do with this golden opportunity, and she definitely made the most of it. In the cold open last night, Rudolph came onstage, alongside Beck Bennett’s Pence, with all her comedic pistons firing.

She came onstage, Lysol cans spraying at full speed. “That’s right; the ‘Sentator’ from Kamalafornia is present,” she said.

As soon as Rudolph, playing Harris, answered the first question from moderator Susan Page (played brilliantly by Kate McKinnon), Bennett, as Pence, interrupted her. That’s when we got our first glorious, “Mr. Vice President, I’m speaking. I’m speaking. But I’m speaking.”

Bennett came back with, “I understand,” to which Rudolph replied, “Yeah, I don’t think you do, because you’re talking, and I’m speaking.”

Here’s the thing; SNL doesn’t even have to try very hard these days to exaggerate real events. That’s pretty much how Wednesday’s debate went down:

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