Married At First Sight's Ryan Oubre doubts marriage to Clara Berghaus as newlyweds fight over raising kids religious

MARRIED At First Sight’s Ryan Oubre revealed he’s doubting his marriage to Clara Berghaus in a clip from the upcoming episode exclusively obtained by The Sun.

On tonight’s episode of the hit Lifetime series, the newlyweds have a heated fight over whether or not they want to raise their future children in a religious church environment.

Atlanta native Ryan made it clear that he did intend to bring his kids up as part of the church but when his wife disagreed, he revealed the relationship “isn’t what he’s looking for."

The 29-year-old project manager came back to his apartment after having a “good chat” with his doctor. 

As Ryan returned, the 27-year-old flight attendant was waiting for him on the couch.

He told a concerned-looking Clara he had a “really good” chat with his doctor – whom he hasn’t seen “in awhile” about “a lot of different things.”

He then asked: “We talked about religion. Where does religion fit in for you when raising a family?”

“You have mentioned that you want to raise kids in church,” she began replying before Ryan cut her off, confirming “for sure.”

Clara continued: “I have also expressed – I want my kids to know that they are in a safe space to learn and if they want to explore other religions, they can do that too.”

Although Ryan appeared upset by the comment, he continually shakes his head and repeatedly says “sure, sure.” 

The Athens, Georgia native explained: “I don’t want my kids in church because they feel like they have to be. 

“I was raised in church but my dad doesn’t go to church. My parents have been married for 30 years.

“So I saw that a marriage can work and raising children can work when you don’t always agree. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

However, Ryan was speechless as he expressed a let down facial reaction. 

In a confessional, he told cameras: “That’s not what I’m looking for from Clara, like ‘hey let’s have a kid and we can do that.’ 

“The idea of kids that are raised in church is super important to me. 

“So yeah, I’m not just going to sit here… that’s not what I’m looking for.”

From the beginning, Clara and Ryan seemed to be a good fit with great chemistry and on Decision Day, the happy couple chose to stay together.

They found out that they have a lot in common including some mutual friends.

Ryan went so far as to say: "we see the world very similarly and I think we complement each other very well.”

On their wedding day, they even found out that they were both at the Blink-182 and Lil Wayne concert in Atlanta in 2019.

After her last relationship ended, Clara decided that she was done dating around and signed up for Married at First Sight because she believes in fate.

However, as they are discovering the newlywed life together, like most couples, they hit a few rough patches along the way.

Clara attended the University of Georgia originally majoring in politics but switched her career so that she could travel the world as a stewardess.

While Ryan is an alum of Kennesaw State University where he studied communication and film.

He currently works in payroll services and was promoted to manager in 2017.

Season 12 of Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesday nights at 8 pm ET.

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