MAFSA' Jessika Power claims she was inundated with messages from girls Dan flirted with after they got together

MARRIED at First Sight Australia's Jessika Power has revealed that she was inundated with messages from girls Dan Webb flirted with after they got together.

The 26-year-old was left in tears after she was sent a string of messages from women claiming to have hooked up with Dan during their relationship.

Speaking to Talk Radio, she said: "I'm a really strong minded girl, I have really thick skin. I went into the show saying I'm not going to matter about the opinions other than my family and my friends and I really stuck to that.

"I didn't read the comments, I didn't read the messages or articles that came out.

"I did really really suffer when Dan and I broke up because I wasn't only just getting hate from the Australian public about being a cheater, I was then getting hate saying 'you deserve it'.

"Then on top of that I was getting screenshot messages from girls where Dan sort of had a few indiscretions during our relationship."

The reality star also admitted that she struggled with her mental health after the show, revealing that she was addicted to the anxiety medication Xanax for several months.

She continued: "Some girl went on the radio here and I'm driving in the car and she's saying how Dan tried to take her home.

The radio tried to ring me while I'm driving, I just pulled over onto the side of the road crying. Dan went really cold towards me.

"So I suffered, I got a really bad Xanax addiction for about three months, I don't even remember those three months.

"I was drinking two bottles of wine a day and having four Xanax just to numb it.

"Since then I thought you've been through so much worse, I lost a partner to suicide, I had an abusive ex who I took to court. I really wanted to use my platform now for good and to help people who do suffer from mental illness and online bullying."

Jessika rose to fame on the 2019 series of Married At First Sight Australia, which has only recently aired in the UK.

Brits were left shocked as they watched her scandalous affair with fellow contestant Dan unfold – behind both of their spouses' backs.

Dan and Jess ended up splitting live on air following the explosive reunion show.

Earlier on in the series Jess lied to Dan about whether she had hit on anyone else on the show after ditching her husband Mick Gould.

Viewers previously watched the blonde star hitting on Nic Jovanovic before she started eyeing up Dan.

The rest of the contestants got the chance to watch the jaw-dropping footage, leaving Jessika lost for words as she continued to defend herself saying that she didn't proposition the 'married' man.

Jessika recently revealed her pain over hurting her ex-husband Mick and love rival Tamara, admitting it's "hard to watch" herself back on the hit Aussie reality show.

Jessika admitted that she's done a lot of growing up after she was left "heartbroken" from her split with Dan.

Speaking on the MAFS grand reunion, which will air in the UK later this year, she said: "You can't go through life thinking that people will get over the things that you say and do that will hurt them.

"My empathy levels were so low, I was living in Jess' world.

"Watching back one scene where I actually tell the group about my affair with Dan and I see Tamara was getting upset and Mick was getting upset and I just sat there with a look on my face, like I don't care at all."

Jessika has since found love with aspiring rapper boyfriend Filip Poznanovic and went public earlier this year.

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