Liv Tyler moaned fiance Dave Gardner forced her to watch football with David Beckham before split

LIV Tyler complained ex fiancé Dave Gardner continually forced her to watch football with his best pal David Beckham in the years before their split.

The Hollywood actress and her businessman partner quietly separated in March, The Sun exclusively revealed last night.

Their relationship was dominated by Dave's love of football, with the agent even taking her to A Champions League game on Valentine's Day in 2017.

In a 2019 interview, Liv told The Sun: "I do talk to David Beckham about football. My partner knows David well so football is on in our house all the time.

“It’s interesting how tribal it is with all the chants, but I don’t really understand what is going on, except that they run around a lot. They’re constantly running. They must be out of breath.

“I want to care more about football but it’s alien to me, so unfamiliar, the sound of the chanting and this roar, the crowd.

“My partner lives for football and his family and all his friends love it. For me it’s so different to watching American football, I just don’t get it.”

The Lord of The Rings actress, 44, has moved back to Los Angeles while Becks’s business partner Dave remains in London.

The couple, whose split is said to be “entirely amicable”, will co-parent their son Sailor, six, and five-year-old daughter Lula.

News of the break-up — kept secret since March — comes six years after the couple got engaged.

A source said: “Dave and Liv spent all of the first lockdown together and are a great team as parents.

“But unfortunately, they’ve grown apart and increasingly they’ve been living separate lives.

“Both wanted to focus on their careers — her acting and producing, and Dave running his business and working on David’s Inter Miami football project.”

The source added: “They officially parted ways back in March but they’ve kept it quiet so as to minimise the fuss, and ensure their kids were OK.

“They’ve now come out the other side and are the best of pals. They even went on holiday together this summer.

“Obviously Dave confided in David Beckham early doors and he was an ­absolute rock.

“Both their families have been supportive and they still share all their mutual pals such as Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and obviously David and Victoria.”

Brit Dave, 44, who negotiates Becks’s commercial deals, was previously wed to actress-turned-wellness guru Davinia Taylor, 43.

He and Liv still share a weekend Cotswolds home a stone’s throw from the Beckhams’ pad.

Liv, the daughter of ­Aerosmith rocker Steve, 73, divorced musician Royston Langdon, 49, in 2008.

A spokesman declined to comment last night.

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