Line of Duty hooks Britain's spies as they battle to uncover identity of 'H'

IT's the biggest mystery in crime drama telly history – and now the nation’s spooks are battling to uncover the identity of Line of Duty’s kingpin H.

Spies and security bosses at GCHQ are on board to try and answer the question on the lips of Line of Duty fans for years: who is the bent copper known as H?

The shadowy department has placed a display at its HQ asking staff to identify the mysterious crime boss.

The screen reads: “'Mission: Identify H' with an image of a letter H under a magnifying glass. It also includes a phone number of 0659 5433464 and an email address of [email protected]

The last few seasons of the hit BBC One police drama have focused on the hunt for “H”, the name given to a corrupt officer working within the upper echelons of the police.

While series five revealed that “H” was in fact not one person but several, the search remains ongoing for the last “H”, also referred to as “the fourth man”.

Over the course of Line of Duty’s sixth series, fans have spotted kitchen tiles, Easter eggs, misspellings and even anagrams that they believe could reveal H’s identity.

The series will end tonight and GCHQ’s official Instagram page uploaded a post which read: “Have you seen the #LineOfDuty Season Six Finale Trailer? We can't wait until Sunday, so we're putting a team together to solve the mystery gripping the nation. You'll need to: Stick to the letter of the law, the letter. Be fluent in acronyms Overuse the word 'boss'.

“So come on, who’s your money on?”

The intelligence department also tagged in stars Martin Compston and Vicky McClure.

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