Line of Duty fans still convinced actor Owen Teale is H as they continue to accuse him after show's end

LINE of Duty revealed the identity of fourth man and mystery figure H in the season six finale – but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating.

For many viewers, the news came as a shock as many expected the finger to be pointed towards dodgy Chief Constable Philip Osborne.

Despite it already being revealed it was Superintendent Ian Buckells in a shocking twist-of-fate, fans still suspect Osborne for being involved.

Some haven't been able to accept the end to the mystery, and have even gone as far to continue to accuse actor Owen Teale after the show.

Speaking to the Radio Times, Owen, who depicted Osborne in the drama, admitted people are still coming up to him to say they "know" he is H.

"I'm now defending myself in the shops, with people saying 'I know you're H', and I go, 'No, no, no, wait a minute, we all know who H is now'," he said.

"They go, 'No, no, no, no, I don't believe that for a second. There's no way he would have had the power to do that. But your character was the original'.

"They remember it, right from the beginning. He was the guy who actually messed with Steve Arnott, he bullied him and that's why he jumped into AC 12 and jumped out of firearms."

Actor Owen, 60, also revealed his admiration for the show's creator and screen writer Jed Mercurio, calling him an "auteur of television".

He praised Jed for what he was able to do with the snippet of Osborne speaking at a news conference, which cropped up during season six.

"The respect for Jed Mercurio to have got so much when I only filmed for like two days," the actor said. "He said, 'Look, I just need you for two days, standing on the steps and doing the public announcement that these guys do' and I said, 'Yeah sure'.

"So I didn't know the full story until much later on, how much he was getting the finger pointed at him. But I'm very happy to be part of it – it's a lovely problem to have people coming up to you in the street."

Fans were disappointed when it was announced that it hadn't been confirmed that more episodes of the crime drama were in the pipeline.

BBC Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore said the broadcaster would "have a conversation with the team" about the future of the series.

In an interview with Radio Times, series creator Jed Mercurio says it’s “not entirely clear” if there will be a series 7 of the show.

“We’re in a situation where it’s not entirely clear that there will be a seventh series,

“We would hope there could be. But we’re having to do our planning coming out of COVID, and a whole bunch of other things around the idea that these things aren’t guaranteed at all now.”

He continued: “Since probably season four, we’ve been talking to the BBC about the realistic longevity of the series. I’ve experienced broadcasters pulling the plug while we were still developing a storyline –Bodies and Cardiac Arrest both ended prematurely on the BBC.

"So it’s an ongoing discussion, is all I can say. A lot of it depends on the key creatives – me and the main actors – finding new stories to tell within that universe.”

Line of Duty series 1-6 are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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