Killing Eve season three’s first trailer is here

Hold onto your fabulous designer hats because Villanelle is back in all of her stylish glory for the first trailer for Killing Eve season three – and it looks incredible! In the trailer, it appears that Villanelle has moved up in the world while continuing with her lifestyle as a dramatic assassin with a penchant for costumes. It also confirms that the titular Eve is still very much alive – having been shot by Villanelle in the season two finale. 

WATCH: Killing Eve season 3 trailer

Fans were unsurprisingly delighted by the first look at the new show, with one writing: “I’m laughing hysterically at this. Losing my mind over quarantine doesn’t help! It’s perfect timing you guys!” Another added: “Hold me, I’ll pass out! I can’t count how many times I laughed out loud while watching this!” 

Released from the show’s official Twitter account, it also confirmed that the show would be out Sunday 12 April in the US, though the UK airdate has yet to be confirmed. The caption read: “Ahhhhhhhhhhh. #KillingEve returns two weeks early, Sunday, April 12 at 9pm on @BBCAmerica and @AMC_TV.” 

Jodie Comer stars as Villanelle

While little has been revealed about the season three plot, Jodie Comer opened up about the season two finale to EW, previously explaining: “What I thought was fascinating about that moment is the control is constantly shifting. One of them thinks they’re in control of the situation, and then the other one pulls the rug from under the other one’s feet. Villanelle is genuinely hurt in that situation, and she acts on impulse, the only way that she knows how to act. When she walks away, she’s walking away.” 

Owen McDonnell, who plays Eve’s husband Niko, also confirmed that his character will survive being stuck in the shipping container. He previously told Metro: “I think that’s fine [to say he’s alive], but other than that there’s nothing. Other than it’s been fun. ‘Nobody really wants the spoilers! Even my wife won’t watch Killing Eve until it’s on and doesn’t want to know anything that happens in the scripts.” 

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