Killing Eve: Is Hugo still alive? Season 3 confirms fate

Killing Eve has made a comeback on the BBC and fans have been catching up with the latest episodes of season three. One of the main characters in the previous series is Hugo Turner (Edward Bluemel), who is an Oxford-educated youngster within the MI6 Counter Terrorism department. Fans of the series have spotted a clue in season three which confirms his fate after he was presumed dead, having been shot at the hotel in Rome.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Killing Eve

To recap from the previous series, Hugo ended up having a strange one-night-stand with Eve (Sandra Oh) while the pair were on a mission to keep tabs on Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

They had both been staying at a hotel when a pair of gunmen barged into the building, trying to track down Eve, while Hugo had been left on his own.

Eve, who had been in hiding, emerged to see Hugo bleeding in the hallway outside their room and she rushed over to check on him.

After tending to his injuries for a short time, she left him lying in his own blood so she could save Villanelle, and fans thought he may be dead.

When she returned to the hotel all evidence of the messy incident had been cleared up and Hugo was nowhere to be seen.


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Fans who have been paying attention to the new series would have heard a couple of hints being dropped about his fate.

In the episode ‘You’re Mine’ at the end of the second series, Eve asks Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) what happened to Hugo and whether he was still alive.

She ignores the question and tries to change the subject, so fans started to think MI6 may be trying to cover up his death.

However in the episode ‘Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey’ in the third series, it is revealed Hugo survived the shooting in Rome.

Fans learn the stubborn man, who is used to getting what he wants, ended up trying to sue MI6 for the injuries he sustained.

With this in mind, fans are waiting to see whether he crops up again in the new series, particularly as he had a rough relationship with Carolyn’s son, Kenny (Sean Delaney).

Fans were shocked to learn Kenny was killed off in the first episode of the new series, as his body was seen falling from the top of the building where he worked.

He had always despised Hugo and could never get used to having him around, but as Eve is investigating Kenny’s death, Hugo may be of use.

Hugo is not on the cast list for season three but that does not mean he will not appear in flashbacks, or through conversations.

Fans fell in love with his character even though he comes across as very arrogant. Bluemel, who plays Hugo, posted a photo of his character on his Instagram last year.

He said: “From episode two onwards you can see how I, in a dramatic departure from my own character and background, finally prove myself a true chameleon actor by playing an annoying posh boy who wears attention-seeking shirts and thinks he’s funny.”

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Fans have already taken to Twitter to ask whether the star will make an appearance in the upcoming episodes.

One fan said: “Killing Eve, give me Hugo back. I know he’s alive, you said. I want to see him.” Other fans went on to say how much they missed his hilarious character.

Still curious to know what happened to him, one fan said: “Did I blink and miss what happened to Hugo? Is he dead for real? The streets are not safe for these Killing Eve young bucks.”

Fans can rest assured Hugo recovered from his injuries, but as far as they can tell he will only be mentioned through dialogue.

The MI6 colleagues are facing huge turmoil in this series following the devastation caused at the end of season two, and now the death of Kenny.


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In an interview with The Gentleman’s Journal, Bluemel said working on Killing Eve has been his most informative job to date.

He said: “It can be intimidating to join a cast of people who already know each other. But I relish the intimidation.

“Because, if you see how comfortable older actors are, you can use that as inspiration. There’s nothing wrong with being intimidated. That’s how you learn.”

Fans certainly welcomed him with open arms when he joined the series and there is still hope he may make an appearance, as he tries to get some form of compensation from his former workplace.

Killing Eve airs on BBC iPlayer on Mondays and BBC One the following Sunday.

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