Kerry Katona performs viral TikTok dance in pyjamas after revealing she has coronavirus symptoms – The Sun

KERRY Katona appears to have recovered from coronavirus, dancing in her pyjamas for her new TikTok account which she claims her children asked her to set up.

The mother-of-five looked nervous as she performed the viral dance to Say So by Doja Cat, pulling off the moves in a pair of silk pink stripe pyjamas.

With daughter Dylan-Jorge behind her, Kerry soon gained her confidence as she proudly filmed herself, revealing she was on day 14 of self-isolation with her children; "The kids made me get a @tiktok account, isolation going well," she captioned the video.

The video came a day after it was revealed Kerry had felt "dizzy and weak" with coronavirus symptoms – just days after her daughter Molly showed signs that she was suffering from the worrying illness.

Last week, 39-year-old Kerry shared approved advice about the ongoing pandemic to her Instagram page as she revealed 18-year-old Molly's symptoms had left her panicked.

Writing in her New magazine column on Monday, Kerry admitted it had been a "tough week" for her household, and that a doctor even came over to check on the teen.

She explained: "My Molly's shown symptoms of the coronavirus – she's OK, but she's got a fever, a cough, and a sore throat.

"The doctor came to the house dressed head to toe in scrubs and a mask, which was pretty scary, but completely necessary of course.

"He says Molly will be OK, which has put my mind at ease.

"But still, it's an incredibly frightening experience and my anxiety is through the roof."

The former Atomic Kitten star added: "As I write this, I've got some symptoms too.

"I've got a dry cough and sore throat, and I feel weak and dizzy sometimes, so we are isolating ourselves for as long as we need to.

"We haven't been tested, but the doctor says we need to be cautious, so no one's leaving this house for the foreseeable."

As well as Molly, Kerry is mum to Lilly-Sue, 17, Heidi, 13, Maxwell, 11, and Dylan-Jorge, 5.

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