Katie Price says her mucky mansion is haunted by a little boy and contains a 'psychic candle' that answers questions

KATIE Price has insisted her 'mucky mansion' home is plagued with the spirit of a little boy – and two other spooks.

The 42-year-old star explained she has a candle in the property that tells her secrets that have left friends in tears.

Speaking on The Fellas podcast last night she said: "It's definitely haunted. I took a picture of a little boy sitting on my top floor.

"I've got pictures of a guy going through the mirror. I videoed it all.

"And me talking to a candle flame and it responding. I'm telling you. My whole life is nuts.

"I've had my friends in tears when I've brought up stuff about them that I didn't know by talking to the candle."

When asked how it works, she explained: "You'll see me talking to it, telling the flame to go high, low, high, low."

Katie is currently renovating the £1.3 million Sussex mansion and is intent on getting rid of any bad energy as the house holds.

An insider told The Sun Online:  "Katie's called in experts to bless the house and cleanse it with sage to dispel any bad energy.

"Her team are looking into getting an 'exorcist' to get rid of any ghosts as Katie is convinced it's haunted. 

“She's actually feeling more positive about the house but wants to make sure any curse is firmly in the past before she starts spending more time there."

The now-infamous 'mucky mansion' has fallen into disrepair over the years and recently suffered a collapsed ceiling and flooded kitchen.

She recently said of the property: “Oh it’s such a sad house.”

She added: “For me to move back into the house, nothing at all can be the same because of my mental health, it just reminds me looking around of situations and I don’t like it.”

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