JoJo Siwa kisses girlfriend Kylie Prew as the couple hold hands and sing together at outdoor concert

JOJO Siwa kissed her girlfriend Kylie Prew as the young couple held hands and sang together at an outdoor concert.

The side-ponytail-wearing teen came out as part of the LGBTQIA+ community back in January and revealed she did have a girlfriend a few weeks later.

Just as the world is slowly going back to normal amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, JoJo and her girlfriend Kylie spent some time together as they attended an outdoor concert in Simi Valley, California.

The two girls – along with a few of their friends and a chaperone – attended a Queen Nation concert on Friday.

The two enjoyed each other's company as they sang, embraced, and even shared a few adorable kisses on the back of JoJo's colorful BMW, which had the top down for the occasion.

The former Dance Moms star wore her usual side ponytail decorated with a big, red bow as she smiled lovingly towards her girlfriend.

She completed the look with a white graphic tee and black leggings.

On the other hand, Kylie wore an all-black outfit with a black graphic tee and matching leggings tucked into white hightops.

In several pics, Kylie seemed to ignore being in the limelight by dating the dancing teen as she even kissed her on the forehead.

These pics are the first time that Kylie and JoJo are spotted out publicly after revealing their relationship.

Back in February, JoJo revealed she had a girlfriend who encouraged her to come out to her fans.

Their relationship has escalated to the point where the two have gone to Disney together and even spent Valentine's Day together.

In fact, JoJo revealed she was actually falling in love with her best friend turned partner.

The dancing sensation's first girlfriend Kylie recently took to Instagram to gush about her new relationship.

The teen shared a series of sweet photos and videos of JoJo from their first month of dating.

The young couple smiled brightly in two selfies, and then joked around and cuddled in two short video clips.

Kylie captioned the post: "Fall in love with your best friend, guys. it’s THE BEST feeling in the entire world. here’s to one month with my favorite human 🙂 i love you sharky ♡."

Following JoJo's coming out, her former dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, claimed that the blonde dancer never hid her sexuality.

In an interview with ET, the reality star gave her blessing, and gushed that she was "proud that [JoJo] had the guts to do it."

When asked her feelings on the matter, the famed dance coach replied: "I'm very proud, I'm very proud."

On how hard it might've been to hide her sexuality, she added: "I don't think she hides anything really. I think maybe she just didn't know."

Abby then confessed that many of her dancers have had issues with the topic over the years, explaining: "I have a lot of students that struggle with their sexuality.

"I will be honest, mainly guys that dance for me throughout the years. Some have come to me and said, 'You know, without you, I would've committed suicide.

"To hear that as a teacher, it is shocking and also very loving and kind and that I know that I did that for that child…And what you do in your private life is your business. But JoJo didn't really have a private life."

JoJo jumped into fame while on two seasons of the Lifetime show, and her career blossomed after she released two music videos and began vlogging on Youtube.

Abby commented on her rise to fame, adding: "Her life is for the whole world to know about. Every single thing that she's doing with social media now, everybody knows what we're doing and what we're up to at every moment. And we tell them, we share it.

"So for her to make that statement and to share that, that's what she wanted to do."

The controversial teacher raved about her alum, saying that she's "proud that she had the guts to do it."

"Hey, I'm single and sometimes guys are jerks. So good for her," she joked.

She added: "And that's what I said. I said, 'You know what, JoJo, that's more hot young guys out there for me. That's good, that's good.'"

Abby also called JoJo a "marketing genius" who has many projects "lined up," including a movie shooting in Canada.

The cancer survivor complimented her student as having "great energy," and that being around her is "uplifting and it's fun and it's positive and it's exciting and I like that."

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