Jessa Duggar slammed by fans for allowing young children to use needles for arts and crafts

COUNTING On star Jessa Duggar felt the full force of the mom-shamers on Monday.

The 27-year-old reality television star was slammed for letting two of her children use needles for a craft project.

The 19 Kids and Counting star was looking to keep her kids entertained in the house.

She shared a video of her sons, Spurgeon and Henry, using needles to make popcorn necklaces.

"Singing and popcorn stringing," she captioned a series of images and videos of the boys deftly going about their crafting.

However, not all the viewers were impressed at her resourcefulness and were concerned about one of them getting an unexpected little prick.

“Uhm, needles and little kids?” one asked. Another weighed in, “I’d be so nervous to give my kids needles! LOL, you’re a brave mama.”

A third follower reassured others that “cross stitch needles are not that sharp,” and joked that poking yourself is one way to learn.

“When they sting themselves, they know that hurt, so they won’t do it again. 😂 Or maybe they [will].”

Other mom-shamers weighed in on the mother-of-three's choice of popcorn for the kids.

“Popcorn around a baby? Geesh,” wrote a followers, even though baby Ivy is seen being kept well away from the snack.

Three days ago, the television personality shared a video of all three of her kids playing with a water table outside, noting that they were “enjoying [the] lovely weather.”

However, some fans were concerned about the perils of not cleaning the toy after every single use.

“Babies will tend to drink it and they can get sick from it. Just FYI,” one wrote. “I got [sic] three kids and five grandkids, so I hope it’s all going good for you. All your kids are beautiful.”

Though the Duggar daughter could’ve snapped back, she kept her snark to herself and simply explained that there was nothing to worry about.

“We never leave standing water, primarily because it creates a mosquito nesting site,” she said. “They can be so bad here!”

The couple have three children; Spurgeon Elliot (born November 5, 2015), Henry Wilberforce (born February 6, 2017), Ivy Jane (born May 26, 2019)

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