Jags on Eastenders: Why did Amar Adatia leave Eastenders as Jags?

Jags Panesar joined the cast of Eastenders back in October 2019 and he is one of three Panesar brothers. His character has been in the shadow of his older brother and he tried hard to make his family proud. Actor Amar Adatia revealed in October 2020 he would be leaving the soap and fans are keen to find out more about why.

Why is Amar Adatia leaving Eastenders as Jags?

Adatia left Eastenders in October 2020 and he was subject to a tragic plot twist in one of the June 2021 episodes. 

He was framed at the hands of his mum Suki (Balvinder Sopal and the pest controller lost during a scheme against his mum.

The actor has not been seen on screen since then, but he has been mentioned in passing and was a huge part of this week’s episodes. 

After leaving the series he has been spending his time making films, and he is about to promote his latest film.

In an interview with Digital Spy he said: “I’ve held out on my newest film until I finished at EastEnders because it’s difficult to promote it whilst filming at the same time and with the pandemic everything has been pushed back timings wise.”

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The film is called R.I.A and it is a sci-fi film starring Luke Goss and Dean Cain, as well as Adatia himself.

The project was filmed in America and it took place just before Adatia landed his Eastenders role.

He had also planned to shoot a whodunnit film in January, and he also teased an upcoming boxing film.

Speaking of his time on EastEnders, the actor said: “I always knew I’d only be in the show for a set period of time when I signed up.

“I had just finished shooting a film and had prior commitments to promote that, but then the pandemic hit and everything understandably got put on hold.”

He called his time on Eastenders an amazing journey and he has seen how much work goes into creating the soap.

Production has become even more of a challenge amidst the coronavirus outbreak, but the creators have worked hard to keep the drama alive.

The actor said he has developed a great relationship with his on-screen family and he said they have been on FaceTime together during lockdown.

His family is the first Punjabi family in the soap and he stressed how important it was for the soap’s diversity.

Speaking about what he will miss most about leaving Albert Square, he said it would be having fun with the same faces every day.

The Dagenham-born actor has just completed a TV film called Derranged, and he is also known for his roles in The Path to 9/11 and The Seven.

The star is on Instagram and he shared a photo of himself as Jags with the message: “Always smiling”.

Fans were quick to comment on the photo and share their thoughts on his performance, with one saying: “You are honestly the happiest person on Eastenders and whenever you are on camera I just smile.”

Another fan said: “Love the way you portray your character on Eastenders! Happy cheeky chappy.”

He was killed off in one of this week’s episodes after he was attacked in his prison cell. 

In this week’s dramatic twist, Suki is heard saying: “The prison Chaplin called me 10 minutes ago, Your brother was attacked in his cell. He’s dead. Jagvir is dead.”

The star is also on Twitter and he made an official statement to fans, which said: “As some of you might have seen, I will be saying goodbye to Albert Square.

“The role of Jags was always planned with a specific storyline due to me having prior commitments to star in a film. It has been a fantastic journey and I hope you have enjoyed watching Jags on your screens as much as I have enjoyed portraying this character.

“I would like to thank you for all the support I receive on the daily and will continue to share my next adventures and positivity with you all.”

He said he will be taking a well-deserved break before hitting the gym to train for his next film and prepare for the release of R.I.A.

Eastenders airs on BBC One

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