Jacqueline Jossa vows to 'eat healthy' after 'wolfing down' her kids' leftover nuggets and doing ZERO exercise

JACQUELINE Jossa has vowed to start "eating healthy" after failing to kickstart January "with a bang".

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to reveal she had been doing "zero exercise" and chowing down on her kids' leftover "chips and nuggets".

Mum-of-two Jac told her fans it was "getting to her" that she wasn't doing any exercise, and that her healthy diet had gone down the drain.

Laying next to her daughters on the sofa, Jacqueline took a video as she pulled faces at the camera, looking upset and angry with herself.

She wrote captioned the clip: "I need to start working out and eating better.

"I know it's January and everyone starts January with a bang but I literally have done 0 and it's getting to me now. Tomorrow I have to sort it out, even if it's just something little."

The actress detailed that having kids made it "hard to be healthy" as she is constantly picking at their leftover food.

She explained: "They have like chips, nuggets and beans and leave half of it and then I end up wolfing it down because I'm hungry."

Reflecting on her posts on Saturday night, Jac returned to social media this morning to say she was trying to "be positive" about the situation.

"Lockdown is hard and you have to be honest," she said. "And if I'm not honest with you guys, you always know that somethings up…

"Monday I'm going to come with some energy. I'm going to try and do a tiny workout of like 15 minutes. I'm not going to push myself.

"I'm going to do a walk. I'm going to smash homeschooling, and I'm going to eat healthy. Who's with me?"

It's not the first time the TV personality has spoken out about her diet, recently telling her fans over Christmas she wanted to "get into it" with eating properly.

She told fans that while she "didn't gain weight over Christmas", she does "eat like it's Christmas every day" and plans to tone it down.

"I really gotta get into it this year, eat better and move more," she concluded. "Please say 2021 is the year If not anything else I get my ass into gear."

While overhauling her diet and fitness regime, 2021 is set to be a busy year for Jac and her family.

She and husband Dan, 29, are moving house and their new home requires a complete makeover.

The celebrity couple are selling up their £1million Essex pad to move, leaving behind their difficult 2020 which almost saw their marriage come to an end.

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