It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 15 release date: When is new season out?

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It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is a classic long-running comedy series on FX and Netflix, and the show has been renewed for a fifteenth season.

The series is one of the longest-running live-action comedy series and the news comes after creator Rob McElhenney teased writing on Season 15 of the FX series had begun.

In January McElhenney, who stars in the series, said they were going to keep running the series as long as fans kept watching it. 

FX Chairman John Landgraf told Deadline the network was “actively talking” to  McElhenney, Glenn Howerton and Charlie Daythem about another season. 

It’s Always Sunny, developed by McElhenney and Howerton, was the first comedy to really take off on FX. 

The series stars Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito alongside the famous trio and the 14th season, which ran from September to November 2019, featured the gang dealing with Airbnb houseguests. 

They also saw themselves joining a focus group for a screening of Thunder Gun 4: Maximum Cool and had plenty to say about the creation of the show. 

Fans can expect to enjoy lots of laughs from the gang as they return for another series. 


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