Is Line of Duty's Steve Arnott H? All the clues and theories explained

STEVE Arnott is thought to be one of the good guys in Line of Duty, he has featured in every series since the show's inception – but is he hiding the biggest secret of all?

The officer, played by actor Martin Compston, has always tried to stay on the right side of the law – only breaking the rules for the greater good, but some fans have theorised that Steve could in fact be corrupt officer 'H', the infamous fourth man.

Is Steve Arnott H?

The final episode of season six is nearly upon us, airing this Sunday (May 2nd), and it is set to be the most explosive viewing yet, with many viewers hoping the officer behind the alias of 'H' is finally exposed.

Here are some of the reasons sections of the Line of Duty fanbase fear Steve may be the biggest villain of all…

Has he been playing the long game?

Hardcore fans will be able to cast their minds back to season one, when Steve transferred to AC-12 after a botched anti-terror raid led to the death of an innocent man.

It was there where he locked horns with former boss Philip Osborne, who ironically is also a name widely being touted as the man behind 'H'.

At the time, Osbourne was the head of Counter-Terrorism Unit – he told all his officers, including Steve, to lie about what happened. Steve was the only one to refuse, and the pair's relationship has been strained ever since.

AC-12 have dealt with some pretty high profile cases along the way – a large amount of which have been linked to the mystery 'H'. The list of former officers that have been outed as corrupt is seemingly never-ending, it has led some to believe Steve may have been a plant this whole time.

The theory suggests he was moved to AC-12 to keep a lid on certain activities, and prevent some things from coming to light.

Steph's kitchen

Eagle-eyed fans noticed during an encounter in the most recent series that may suggest Steve has ties to organised crime.

As Steve spoke to Steph Corbett in the kitchen, the letter H was spotted on a wall tile in the shot.

This is more than likely to be a coincidence, but there is the ever so slight possibility it is an Easter egg deliberately planted by crew to hint at Steve's true colours.

Has he been dropping hints to Kate?

Kate Fleming is one of the names also rumoured to be 'H', with Steve being one of her best pals, could it be a case of no smoke without fire?

In a recent episode, Steve arranged a secret meet-up with Kate to discuss AC-12's latest case.

Upon his arrival, he flashed the lights of his car four times – with this happening to be Morse Code for the letter 'H'.

He was 'The Caddy' in season three

Season three saw an actual confirmed bent copper in Dot Cottan throw Steve under the bus.

Dot set Steve up to face the blame for a number of mistakes or moves by himself or the Organised Crime Gang, including the bribe money "planted" on Lindsay Denton and even her shocking murder.

He even used Steve's car to cover every detail and depict the perfect crime scene, planting a burner phone in his bag.

Prior to all of this, he created a fake profile as to who 'The Caddy' was – deliberately making it appear as it if were Steve.

The Caddy, later confirmed to be one of 'H' and Dot himself, was described as a male under the age of 35, with links to Counter-Terror.

He was also said to be working class, and a detective with a London or South East accent.

It later emerged Dot had stitched Steve up, but was he trying to out him away for other reasons?

The Line of Duty season six finale is available to watch on BBC One, Sunday May 2nd at 9pm.

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