Inside Teen Mom star Ashley Jones’ California condo featuring a kids’ playroom and a stripper pole in the garage – The Sun

FORMER Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant star Ashley Jones' California condo features a stripper pole in the garage, a kids' playroom and more.

In March, The Sun exclusively reported that the MTV show was cancelled after just two seasons.

Ashley, 23, was introduced to MTV viewers when she was pregnant with her daughter, Holly, with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Bariki Smith.

The young mother is currently raising her daughter in California.

She gave the condo tour in a new YouTube video called "Updated Condo Tour."

The former reality star showed viewers her entrance way, her kitchen and of course – inside her refrigerator.

The young mother was stocked up on juices, waffles and cookies for her 2-year-old daughter.

And of course, Ashley had boxed wine in there ready to go.

Ashley showed off her beautiful living room.

The couch was filled with adorable pink and white pillows.

The MTV star admitted that she gets asked a lot about her living room pieces, so she explained where she purchased each one from.

Ashley then showed off her garage area filled with random stuff, her laundry machines and her stripper pole.

The mother-of-one admitted that she plans on cleaning a lot more out so she can have more space to practice.

Ashley showed off her daughter's adorable room which was filled with books, toys and her stuffed animals.

The 2-year-old made a quick appearance in her mom's YouTube video.

Ashley explained that Holly's bed was once her little sister's and once she moved out, she took it for her daughter.

Luckily for Ashley, her backyard can be seen from the kitchen, her dining area and the living room.

She said that whenever Holly is playing outside, she can still watch her.

The backyard featured a few chairs, as well as some toys for Holly.

Ashley became a fan favorite after appearing on Teen Mom:Young & Pregnant.

Fans watched the high and lows of her relationship with Bar.

However, in March, The Sun exclusively learned that the show was cancelled.

A source told The Sun: “There is definitely 110% not another season.

"The girls have been informed by their producers.”

The insider added: “They cannot do any other projects with their name and brand without MTV’s permission until their two-year contract runs out.”

Despite the cancellation, the women have not told their fans yet.

The source explained: “The girls won’t admit there is not another season because they still want the thought of there being one.”


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