‘I’m going to cry’ The Repair Shop’s Will Kirk emotional over wedding news

Morning Live: Will Kirk emotional over wedding messages

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Will Kirk, popular furniture restorer on BBC’s The Repair Shop, was on Morning Live on Friday chatting to presenters Gethin Jones and Kym Marsh about his DIY wedding decor. The 36-year-old was happily surprised when he was shown recorded messages from cast of the show, all wishing him luck with the big day in which he will marry his doctor fiancée, who he hasn’t named publicly.

“Listen, good luck over the next couple of weeks with the wedding,” Gethin said.

“We couldn’t let you go without at least sending you some well wishes from the Morning Live family.

“More importantly, some relationship advice.” Before the clips had even begun, Will said: “You’re going to make me cry.”

The video saw the likes of Rav Wilding and other Morning Live faces sharing their pearls of wisdom.

“Buy her flowers!” Rav suggested. “Even if she said she doesn’t love flowers, trust me – she’s lying, everyone loves flowers!”

Others told him to always agree, put the toilet seat down and celebrate the small things.

They all wished him luck as the video ended. “Thanks guys,” Will said. “I’m going to cry on TV.”

Will is known to be very private about his personal life, and who exactly his fiancée is remains a mystery.

“You’ll notice we weren’t on that video, because we’re both terrible at things like this,” Kym joked.

They then presented Will with a special gift. “I hope you appreciate this,” 43-year-old Gethin commented. “Open it up.”

Will opened the gift to find a wooden carved spoon with intertwining hearts.

“It’s a love spoon!” He remarked happily.

Gethin explained: “Of course they were made to show off the craft behind it, and the hearts represent love and then the twisting is the linking of lives together, so it’s for both of you to wish you all the very best.”

“Aw, thanks a lot guys,” Will said, appearing lost for words. “We love you,” Kym replied.

Posting on his Instagram account story recently, Will shared a rare photo of his partner.

He said: “After years of hard work, I’m immensely proud of my fiancée for becoming a doctor.”

The mystery blonde was smiling for the camera as she posed in a white sundress.

Will has been a part of the popular BBC show The Repair Shop since it started in 2017.

The show sees guests bring in cherished and sentimental items which have seen better days, with hopes that the expert crafters can restore them.

Viewers are often brought to tears by the results as emotional guests are reunited with repaired belongings.

Morning Live airs weekdays at 9.15am on BBC, while The Repair Shop is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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