Im A Celeb cast jealous of star of the show Naughty Boy says Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean has revealed that she knows the real reason the other I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates are being mean to Naughty Boy.

During the last few episodes, there have been a few digs and niggles made towards the music producer, with it stemming from him being selected to do several trials in a row.

Nicola, Daily Star I'm A Celeb columnist, revealed that this is because the other stars are "jealous" that he is getting far more air time than them.

In a conversation with showbiz reporter Carly Hacon on a Daily Star Facebook Live chat, Nicola revealed her brutally honest opinion on the situation.

Nicola, 44, said: "I think they are jealous of him because I don't think anyone thought he was going to be the star of the show and he definitely is."

She continued: "I think they are just jealous because they are thinking 'he's getting more air time than us'.

"Because the trial is a massive part of the day and if you haven't done that or Kiosk Keith, then you know you haven't got much air time that day. And if you're in there to win then you need air time.

"And I know the others want to do the trials because they want the air time not because they want to be covered in bugs."

Nicola also touched upon Olympic diver Matty Lee's comments about Naughty Boy on Sunday night's episode, where he accused him of playing up for the camera while chatting to Emmerdale's Danny Miller.

She added: "I thought that was a bit bitchy of Matt, saying he turns it on for the trials. He should be turning it on for the trials.

"If he is turning it on for trials then good, he's being paid to entertain us, shame the rest of them cant turn it on because something needs to give here."

Continuing to chat about the rising tensions between Naughty Boy and the rest of the cast, Nicola mentioned that she could relate to living with "annoying" people on reality shows.

Nicola explained: "They are all saying it but I know what it's like on reality shows people do usually pick on the weak link and go with the strongest person's views. Because he doesn't seem to be that annoying.

"I've been there and I know what it's like when someone is really annoying, and it's not funny when you're living with them. It's a 24/7 annoyance, so if he is annoying and we aren't seeing that on camera, then… Because it's really frustrating to live with someone like that…"

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV at 9pm

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