How much does the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean make?

Below Deck Mediterranean: A look at series three

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Below Deck Mediterranean has been running for five seasons now, with season three having just aired on E4. The show gives fans a chance to see just what the crew members of cruise ships get up to. But many fans are wondering how much these sailors earn.

How much does the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean make?

Originally airing in 2016, the show has given fans a chance to see the lives of five different groups of yacht crew members.

The first season followed eight staff members on Captain Mark’s yacht in Greece, watching them entertain rich guests.

Conditions on these yachts can be a little claustrophobic for the crew members, with fans often seeing them in close proximity on the boats.

It isn’t clear how much each crew member takes home exactly, but salaries can be broken down by the boats they work on and the roles they have.

Refinery29 has broken down exactly how such cruise ship members could be earning.

On a large yacht, a chief stewardess could be earning around £4,200 ($6,000) each month.

The second and third stewardesses average out at about £3,500 ($5,000) per month.

As for the chef, their salary all depends on experience, but on average they should be earning £7,200 ($10,000) per month.

The bosun, or the ship’s mechanic, should make around £3,500 ($5,000) a month and their deckhands £3,200 ($4,000).

At the top is the Captain, on yachts seen in the show, they could be earning up to £150,000 ($210,000) annually.

As seen in the show, crew members can earn a lot in extra tips.

Previous seasons of the show have seen crew members take home £10,500 ($15,000) each for six weeks of work.

A Captain could make up to £70,000 ($100,000) on top of the salary they are receiving if they charter their yacht for an entire year.

For the crew members that appear in the series, they will also get a small amount of money for being in the show.

It isn’t known how much they could earn in each episode, however.

Below Deck Mediterranean so far has not been renewed for a sixth season.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, restrictions on travel and tourism have made the continuation of the show difficult for the time being.

The first five seasons of the show have all proved to be popular, meaning the show is likely to return as restrictions continue to ease.

Below Deck Mediterranean is available to watch on ALL4

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