How many episodes are in Doctor Who season 13? Huge story shake-up explained

Doctor Who: First look at John Bishop as Dan Lewis

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Doctor Who season 13 is making its debut on BBC One tonight (October 31) and there are plenty of scares in store for Halloween. As an ancient evil sets upon the world, The Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) and her companions’ lives change forever. has all you need to know about how many episodes are in season 13.

How many episodes are in Doctor Who season 13?

Doctor Who season 13 is returning at an apt time as families across the UK celebrate Halloween.

The sci-fi drama welcomes some new faces, including comedian John Bishop as new companion, Dan Lewis.

This season will be even more special as it marks Whittaker’s final year as the Time Lord before she steps down.

The show’s head writer, Chris Chibnall, will also be leaving the series after this latest outing.

The 13th season is made up of six episodes, and they will air weekly on Sundays on BBC One.

The first episode will air at 6.25pm, ahead of the Strictly Come Dancing results show.

This should be the case with the remaining episodes, and they will all be added to BBC iPlayer afterwards.

Each episode has been given a unique title, but only the first two titles have been revealed.

Chapter One is called The Halloween Apocalypse, with Chapter Two called War of the Sontarans.

This time around, the series will tell one complete story across all six episodes.

This makes a change from the usual format of each episode running as a self-contained story.

This is only the third time in the programme’s history that this format has been adopted.

Due to the impact Covid had on TV production, the series initially included eight episodes as opposed to the previous 11.

The format was later announced to be six episodes, with two specials scheduled to air later in 2022.

Another separate special will air in 2022 to mark the BBC’s centenary celebrations.

Speaking at a Comic-Con panel for the series, Chibnall said: “Before we started making it, there were times when we thought we were going to be unable to do the show under Covid conditions this year.

“There were two ways you could go. You could go ‘let’s do lots of tiny little episodes in one room, with no monsters,’ or we could throw down the gauntlet and do the biggest story we’ve ever done.”

The cast and crew are hoping the latter was the right decision to make as the 13th season adopts a unique format.

Filming for all six episodes was complete by August 2021, as well as filming for the two specials airing next year.

Chibnall wrote all six episodes of the series, with directors Jamie Magnus Stone and Azhur Saleem also on board.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts ahead of the new season.

Keith Andrew said: “Getting the #DoctorWho feels today. Flux has me flummoxed.

“Only six episodes, so very short, but one story across all six, so a longer adventure than ever. Intriguing.”

Many fans shared the same quote from the series, saying: “Enemies from across the Universe are arriving including the #WeepingAngels.

“This is the fight of our lives! It’s coming, be ready. #DoctorWho.”

Doctor Who season 13 airs on Sundays on BBC One.

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