Holly Willoughby told to lay off the booze by chef James Martin after she launches into hysterics about 'crushed nuts'

HOLLY Willoughby was told to lay off the booze by celebrity chef James Martin after she launched into hysterics about his "crushed nuts".

The presenter got the giggles after dunking her biscotti into armagnac as James showed viewers how to make the Christmas biscuits.

Stirring the mixture all up, James said: "You have to stir it all by hand, not with a machine."

Asked "why" by an intrigued Holly, James replied: "You want me to say it? You're going to crush your nuts."

Giggling Holly said: "Oh good. I wasn't expecting that. No one wants crushed nuts at Christmas."

James said: "I knew that was going to happen that's why I was refraining from it.

"That's enough alcohol now."

Holly then asked whether she could use her biscotti as a straw with her alcoholic beverage.

Holly returned to work today after two days off last week over a coronavirus scare.

The 39-year-old's children fell ill and showed symptoms of COVID-19 – withHolly pulling out of This Morning to get tested.

She fought back tears today as a This Morning caller broke down over the death of her 14-year-old grandson.

Ann rang into the show's pet bereavement phone-in about the death of her dog – but ended up revealing her devastating family tragedy.

She was comforted by a Holly who was upset by the sad story.

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