Holby City spoilers: Zav vows to take down Cameron as Guy returns with ‘dangerous secret’ – The Sun

Zav prepares to expose Cameron as he uncovers his secrets whilst Guy returns to the Darwin Ward in a series of explosive new storylines in the BBC One hospital drama.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening in Holby City.

Zav vows to expose Cameron

Zav looks sets to focus on exposing Cameron for who he really is.

In recent episodes Zav has become even more convinced that Cameron is dangerous and reiterates his thoughts to Donna.

With no support, job or current girlfriend, Zav finds himself on a lonely one-man quest to reveal the truth about Cameron.

Zav and Donna reach crossroads

Zav could ruin his relationship with Donna for good with his determination to expose Cameron's secrets.

Cameron begins to plant seeds of doubts about Zav to Donna causing her growing concern over his increasingly erratic behaviour.

When she starts to feel like she's playing second fiddle to his feud with Cameron she loses her patience and begins to accept their romance might be over for good.

Essie fights for her life

Essie recently discovered that her cancer has returned after the news is broken to her at her 6 month routine scan.

The story will take centre stage this month after she is forced to tell Sacha her fateful news.

She begs Sacha to keep it a secret from her wider team as she prepares to undergo her first round of chemotherapy.

Sacha proposes

Although the next month will be a difficult time for Essie, she is overjoyed when her partner Sacha proposes.

He already planned to pop the question before Essie revealed her cancer had returned.

Wanting to prove to her his undying love, he goes ahead and asks her to become his wife.

Nicky gets offered her biggest opportunity yet

After the start of 2020 saw Nicky deal with money woes and threatening behaviour she finally gets some good news about her medical career.

She is over the moon when Jac approaches her with the chance to carry out a challenging heart transplant.

Unfortunately this is jeopardised when a later development leaves her dumbfounded.

Kian and Jac begin their romance

Their friendship takes an unexpected turn although fans will note it was teased way back in January.

The pair will grow increasingly closer over the upcoming weeks blurring the lines between colleagues and lovers.

Viewers will be left wondering if their relationship will survive working together on the Darwin Ward.

Guy Returns…

Guy Self makes a long-awaited comeback and returns to our screens.

Reprising his role after four years away, John Michie returns as the skilled Holby surgeon.

Not everyone will be pleased to see Guy back at the hospital and he will certainly shake things up with his imminent arrival.

His big secret

He comes back with a very big secret as he returns to our screens.

Set to appear in about a dozen new episodes, Michie reveals to Inside Soap that Guy has been cleaning up his act.

He has been attending AA meetings and returns to the hospital to make money.

"He doesn't see anyone else with the same abilities as himself…he is a very arrogant man"

Fletch is exhausted

Seasoned nurse Fletch normally brings endless energy and humour to the medical team.

He finds himself under significant pressure over the next few weeks bringing growing concern from his fellow colleagues- especially his partner Ange.

As he starts to suffer with increasingly worrying dizzy spells and then collapses, will it turn out to be something more sinister than just exhaustion?

Max makes an announcement

Max will also feel the pressure this month as she has to freeze nurses budgets and leave the department understaffed.

She also has a challenging time in her personal life when she receives a letter from her estranged daughter, Lily.

Clashing with Fletch who makes a stand against her nursing strategy, Max takes action and announces huge changes ahead on the Darwin Ward.


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