Hear an Exclusive Track From the 'Swallow' Soundtrack

Featuring music from Nathan HalpernSwallow is a film that’s bound to turn a few heads. In the film, a young housewife develops a habit of swallowing inedible, and oftentimes life-threatening, objects. Carlo Mirabella-Davis directs the flick, which stars Haley Bennett, and is currently on VOD. The soundtrack drops today, and we’re debuting an exclusive track.

Swallow Soundtrack

“Each film speaks to you with its own unique voice—you respond to it emotionally and you find what feels right for that particular piece,” said Swallow composer Nathan Halpern. “For Swallow, while it’s a contemporary film, there’s a strong aesthetic of Hollywood classicism and an almost period mid-century aesthetic. Director Carlo Mirabella-Davis (along with producers Mollye Asher and Mynette Louie) and I discussed very early on the idea that we would try to invoke some old-school Hitchcock/DePalma/Sirk feels.”

Halpern continued: “But at the same time, the film covers a wide range of emotional tones, taking the audience on a complex and twisting journey with real emotional depth—it’s not a retro exercise in pastiche. And so Carlo liked the idea that our sound palette covered more than just the orchestra, as needed, and we just felt it out from there, scene-by-scene. As we moved forward, I created some strange and stylized sounds that were evocative of certain visual elements in the film—some of these Carlo really responded to and he encouraged me to develop them further and pepper them throughout the score.”

In Swallow, “Hunter (Haley Bennett) appears to have it all. A newly pregnant housewife, she seems content to spend her time tending to an immaculate home and doting on her Ken-doll husband, Richie (Austin Stowell). However, as the pressure to meet her controlling in-laws and husband’s rigid expectations mounts, cracks begin to appear in her carefully created facade. Hunter develops a dangerous habit, and a dark secret from her past seeps out in the form of a disorder called pica — a condition that has her compulsively swallowing inedible, and oftentimes life-threatening, objects.”

Lakeshore Records is releasing the soundtrack today, March 27. Tracklist is below.

1. Siren Call (1:24)
2. The Glass House (0:45)
3. Disquiet (0:55)
4. Swallow (2:01)
5. Something Unexpected (2:25)
6. Temptation (1:28)
7. Equilibrium (0:57)
8. Invasion (2:02)
9. Observation (0:49)
10. Dread (0:39)
11. Can’t Help It (0:33)
12. Precipice (0:54)
13. Hidden (0:51)
14. Tempest (1:32)
15. Love And Acceptance (1:52)
16. Panic (1:17)
17. Descent, Pt. 1 (1:17)
18. Descent, Pt. 2 (0:42)
19. They’re Expecting Us / Empty Nest (1:45)
20. Woods (1:39)
21. I Miss You Too (0:54)
22. Transition (1:01)
23. The Glass House (Reprise) (0:48)

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