Gangs of London spoilers: Elliot EXPOSED – why is he following Sean? Will he betray him?

Gangs of London is an intense and graphic new crime drama series which is airing on Sky Atlantic and NOWTV. The series follows Sean Wallace (played by Joe Cole) who has been forced to step up as the leader of the most notorious criminal gangs in London after his father Finn (Colm Meaney) was killed. At the start of the series, Sean meets Elliot Finch, a lowlife who finds himself caught up in the manhunt for Finn’s killer.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Gangs of London

Is Elliot an undercover police officer?

Viewers first meet Elliot when he is walking along the street at the same time as Finn’s funeral procession is taking place.

Sean and his family are leading through the procession, wearing all black, as the body of his father is transported through the streets of London.

Elliot’s presence seems nothing more than a coincidence at the time, and he kindly picks up one of the wreaths which has fallen from the hearse.

But he finds himself coming face to face with a group of Sean’s men, who are looking at CCTV footage to identify someone who may be connected to Finn’s murder.

Elliot says he recognises the vehicle from the CCTV footage and Sean and his men ask him to lead them to the suspect.


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Viewers are expecting Elliot to be a novice when it comes to being involved with criminal gangs, but they quickly learn he is in fact very experienced.

He is renowned for being involved in some intense and dramatic fight scenes, which often end with a lot of blood and destruction.

His first fight scene takes place in a pub not far from where the funeral is being held, and Elliot enters the pub to speak to an acquaintance.

He starts a conversation with a group of men, who end up turning on him after he accuses them of being involved with the Wallace family.

As the gang members try to attack him, he almost effortlessly shakes them off, disarming them and leaving them severely injured one by one.

By this point, viewers will be starting to wonder whether there is more to Elliot than what originally meets the eye.

As Elliot works his way further into the deeds of the Wallace family, he gets caught up in another fight with a man who has kidnapped two main suspects.

The man has violently mutilated one of the suspects, and he is seen wielding a meat cleaver as Elliot enters the abandoned building.

The pair end up in an epic scrap which ends with Elliot cutting the man’s throat with the meat cleaver- but he too has suffered serious damage.

Following the fight he meets up with a woman who appears to work with him, and she is concerned for his safety.

The woman, who is later revealed to be DI Chung (Jing Lusi), refers to him as a UC which stands for undercover cop or police officer.

But why is Elliot following Sean? And will he betray his new gangland boss? will update this article as more theories and spoilers come to light.

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Gareth Evans, who created the series, said the cast and crew spent some time with undercover police officers as part of their research.

He told Sky News: “I remember on one of our trips we were with an undercover cop, a former undercover cop, who was like, okay, you see this street? And there were, like, five money transfer places.

“He said that definitely one of them would be responsible for money laundering in some way or another.

“And literally, while we were stood on the pavement watching, a group of plainclothes cops came in and raided the place right in front of us.”

The synopsis for the character of Elliot Finch is that he has a mysterious interest in the Wallace family, which is yet to come to light.


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Actor Dirisu revealed in an exclusive interview with the media, including, how he took part in most of the fight scenes himself.

He said: “I have a background of doing a lot of contact sport and I did karate and judo when I was younger. I had a willingness to put my body through stuff.

“I had a personal trainer and in a month my body transformed from a has-been to someone who could hold his own weight. For the more brutal incidents, I had a stunt double but for the majority of the cuts it’s me.”

He said he wanted to personally feel what it would have been like in that tense situation. He said: “I wanted to feel it and I wanted to know what Elliot was going through.”

Fans have already expressed their excitement at the new series, with one fan saying on Twitter: “First episode of Gangs of London is class, unreal start.”

Another fan said: “Just watched the first two Gangs of London, be warned, it’s very violent.”

Gangs of London is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOWTV

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