Fauda season 3 cast: Who is in the cast of Fauda?

Fauda season 3 will land on Netflix on April 16 and fans of the Israeli series have been waiting for the main characters to return. The series follows the experiences of the Israel Defence Forces and it first premiered on Netflix back in February 2015. A number of main characters have featured across the series so far and here is everything you need to know about the old and new faces of season three.

Who is in the cast of Fauda?

Doron Kavillio – Lior Raz

The series tells the story of Doron, who is a commander in the Mista’arvim unit, and he joins his team who are in pursuit of a Hamas terrorist called The Panther.

Doron is married to Gali in the series and they have a son and daughter together. He was retired from the army but rejoined his old IDF unit 18 months later.

In the previous series, Dorron is arrested and is brought back to Israel, but Gabi manages to convince Gideon to complete his mission and receive a full pardon if he is successful.

Raz, who plays the main character, is an Israeli actor and screenwriter who has also starred in the series Prime Minister’s Children and Scarred.

He has also featured in a number of films including 6 Underground in 2019 and Mary Magdalene in 2018.


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Captain Gabi – Itzik Cohen

The captain is dealing with plenty of family problems having been divorced twice, and he has spent time living alone.

He has five children and his favourite time of year is when his family goes on holiday to the desert, and he can cut off all communication with the outside world.

In the series, he works closely with Doron and helps him get out of trouble with the police so he can continue his mission.

Cohen, who plays the captain, is an Israeli actor and producer who has starred in a number of film and TV series across 27 years.

He also took part in the Israeli version of Dancing with the Stars back in 2010, and finished in an impressive third place.

Cohen also created and starred in the series Johnny, back in 2002.

Gali Kavillio – Neta Garti

Gali is Doron’s wife and although she has respect for him, she does not agree with their way of life and would give anything to leave Israel for a fresh start.

She ends up having an affair with a member of Doron’s team and claims she no longer loves her husband. Her son finds out about their affair when he sees the pair kissing.

Gali ends up feeling scared of her husband and she claims he stopped fighting for her a long time ago.

Garti, who plays Gali, is an Israeli actress who has also played the role of Cookie in the TV series The Arbitrator.

The award-winning actress was praised for her role as Nicole Shushan in Turn Left at the End of the World, and for playing Rachel Brener in The Debt.

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Yaara Zarhi – Reef Neeman

Yaara Zarhi is one of the new characters to join season three and according to IMDb she stars in a total of nine episodes.

Not much has been revealed about her character, so fans will have to wait and see what side she is on in the new series.

Neeman, who plays Yaara, is an actress and model who has also starred in On the Spectrum and The Conductor.

The actress, who has a large fan base, shared a post on Instagram of herself with some of her fellow cast members in costume, wearing fake blood.


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Hertzel ‘Steve’ Pinto – Doron Ben-David

Steve is a member of Doron’s unit and his birth name was Hertzel. In the series, he falls in love with Nurit (Rona-Lee Shim’on) and tries to kiss her during a mission.

He was told he was being discharged following the capture of Boaz (Tomer Kapon), another member of the unit, and Steve later takes Doron along to Boaz’s grave.

Ben-David, who plays Steve, is an Israeli actor who has also taken part in Metumtemet, The Bouncer and Hostages.

He is also a theatre actor and acting coach, who has a couple of other hobbies including dancing and combat fighting.

Fauda season 3 airs on Netflix on Thursday, April 16

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