'Endeavour' Season 7: British Mystery Series Returns to PBS August 9

Fans of British crime dramas have something to look forward to this summer. Endeavour, the Oxford-set ITV series about cerebral Detective Constable Endeavour Morse (Shaun Evans), is returning to PBS for season 7. 

‘Endeavour’ Season 7 premieres August 9 

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There are just three episodes in Endeavour Season 7, though each is 1½ hours long. The first episode airs August 9, with subsequent episodes airing August 16 and 23. 

The action kicks off on New Year’s Eve 1969, with Morse and colleagues are on the cusp of a new decade. The team has been reunited at Castle Gate CID and Chief Superintendent Bright (Anton Lesser) is back in charge. But the challenges of the past year can’t be easily forgotten. While old friendships are challenged, new relationships will also spring up. 

As the 1970s begin — along with a new era of women’s liberation, social progression, and scientific growth — a body is discovered on the canal towpath. Oxford’s finest officers have only one clue to go on. A witness heard whistling the night the murder was committed. But will that be enough to lead them to the killer? 

Bringing Endeavour into a new decade is “hugely exciting,” the show’s writer Russell Lewis said. He added that the season’s three episodes all fit together. 

“We’re always looking to break new ground, and go places we haven’t been before — both physically and emotionally,” Lewis shared. “The narrative design of this series gives us the opportunity to deliver a particularly distinctive story shape. Though each film can be enjoyed as a standalone, we have approached Endeavour 1970 as three panels of a triptych, or — in musical terms — a grand opera that unfolds across three acts.”

Things look a little bit different for Morse this season 

Previous seasons of Endeavour have brought England in the 1960s to life on screen. With the dawn of a new decade, we can probably expect to see some changes in the way things look around Oxford and in the way the characters dress. 

One big change is already apparent from the show’s teaser trailer and images: Morse has lost his mustache. The divisive season 6 ‘stache was supposed to be a indicator of the inner change the character was experiencing after the murder of George Fancy (Lewis Peek) at the end of season 5, Evans said in an interview with Radio Times. 

“Russ [Lewis] said to me, ‘I’m thinking to really hit home after Fancy dies, and you’re out in the sticks on your own, that maybe there is a transition that takes place and you are trying to be something different,’” the actor explained.

The moustache — dubbed by some the “Morsestache” — was not universally loved by the show’s fans. This season, Morse has decided to forgo the facial hair, perhaps as a sign that he’s in a better place than he was in season 6.  

Will the rest of the ‘Endeavour’ cast return? 

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In addition to Evans and Lesser, the rest of the regular Endeavour cast will be back for season 7. That includes Roger Allam as DCI Fred Thursday, Sean Rigby as DS Jim Strange, James Bradshaw as Dr Max DeBryn, Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil, and Caroline O’Neill as Win Thursday.

All the characters will continue to evolve this season, Evans has said. 

“It’s a gradual thing, but there is an evolution for all of the characters as the times are changing,” the actor explained. “What’s going on at the time means that there is a shift, but it’s a slow thing.”

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