Eddie Izzard and Lorraine Kelly fight back tears in emotional moment as presenter calls the star 'an fantastic woman'

EDDIE Izzard became emotional today when she praised Lorraine Kelly for supporting her over the years.

The transgender star, 58, appeared on Lorraine's show to speak about the marathons she is running every day for charity, when the host asked her about being referred to as "she" and "her" during a recent TV appearance.

Lorraine apologised to Eddie, admitting she was sorry if she had failed to use female pronouns during their interview, saying: "I apologise if I get this wrong."

Putting her mind at ease, Eddie replied: "Let me say this, I’ve been out for 35 years, 1985, and a lot of people were supportive about it.

"I was at the National Portrait Gallery and they asked me what do I like to be referred to as, and I said she/her, as I'm in girl mode.

"It’s a request, it’s never a demand, it’s never an insistence. People get twisted about it. Some people ask me are you serious about being trans?

"If people have a problem, just call me Eddie, I’m gender fluid. If people are angry in the time where lies are used in the tools of politics, I’m trying to tell what is actually going on. 

"The genetic thing in transgender, transgender health… make it fair for everyone or we're not going to make it, we have a right to a chance in life, or it doesn't matter.'

The star continued: "If anyone refers to me as she/her it's a wonderful feeling, but if people refer to me as he or Eddie I just want to back off it. [not argue]. 

"All girls are foetus's, the nipples are there because they could have been breasts… stop being so obsessed about this, we are all human beings, we need to make it work."

After the pair spoke again about whether Eddie even enjoyed running so many marathons, Lorraine told her guest: "We need people like you … You're a fantastic woman, a fantastic human being."

But the presenter soon choked up when she saw how grateful Eddie was for her using the female pronoun for the first time when talking to her, and the pair were on the brink of tears.

Eddie said: "And thank you Lorraine. For being so supportive."

Pausing to compose herself, she added: "It's great that you're there. You're very good."

Eddie was praised last month after asking to be referred to by "she" and "her" when she sat as a model for Sky Arts' Portrait Artist Of The Year, with contestants expected to paint the comedian.

Fans praised the TV personality in the days after the show was aired, pouring out messages of support.

"Watched Eddie on Portrait Artist of the Year this week," began one viewer. "She's an amazing and clever person."

Another agreed: "Just discovered Eddie Izzard now uses she/her pronouns. Love you, Eddie. Thanks for being a trailblazer."

"Good for Eddie Izzard asking for the pronouns she/her to be used so publicly," a third concurred. "As far as I can gather, she isn't a trans woman. She's gender fluid, but prefers the feminine pronoun. Good for her."

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