EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts seduces shock admirer as she finally moves on from Phil Mitchell

FORMER pub landlady Sharon Watts has a new beau in her sights as she gets closer to landlord Kheerat Panesar.

Sparks fly between Sharon and Kheerat in upcoming episodes as they arrange a drink together, hinting it’s more pleasure than business.

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Their previous attempt to get to know one another was disrupted by the arrival of Sharon’s mysterious sibling Zack Hudson.

Viewers were introduced to Zack at Gavin Sullivan’s funeral last month, where he was revealed to be Sharon’s long-lost brother.

Zack rocked up in the Square determined to build a relationship with his sister and Sharon eventually agreed to give him a chance.

The pair began a new venture as they embarked on owning a gym together.

Things became frosty between Sharon and Kheerat in the aftermath of Sharon standing Kheerat up.

But things take a raunchy turn as Kheerat flirts with Sharon some more, and asks her out for another drink.

Sharon accepts his offer, and over a bottle of wine, the pair discuss their romantic pasts.

Kheerat puts his foot in it and offends Sharon, which results in her leaving.

But later, they soon make up as Sharon seductively appears in the doorway of the call centre and finds Kheerat all alone.

Is this the start of a new power couple?

Elsewhere in the square, a nation cries out for little Bailey to head home, she continues to sleep out in an underpass with dog Banjo by her side.

But threats to her welfare soon arise when some youths steal her bag.

Later, Bailey is approached by a man by the name of Reg, who claims to have been friends with her mum.

Can anyone save Bailey and get her home safe?

EastEnders continues on Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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